Tiny trivia that just jumped at me (7k steps)

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When you′re first climbing the 7k steps, there′s a hunter right at the beginning, Barknar i believe, who tells you to "Watch out for wolves on the way up."

I remember the very first time I did it I was not at a very high level and all I found was Ice-Wraiths and the iceTroll. Maybe the wolves do show up even earlier, but it sounded to me like an odd choice of dialogue, especially considering there′s such a narrow window for it to make sense.

I forgot all about it, and today I was doing that part again when the guy said the line. The way he says "wolves" sounds a lot like "Wulf′s". And later you find Karita with the books Five Songs of Wulfhart and Arcturian Heresy. And you′re going up a path to see guys who preach the use of the Thu′um for reverence of the Gods only, while Wulfhart was known to use it for strife.

It might be nothing, but it sounded like trivia to me.

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I read a post on this forum some time ago in which the poster made a case for the people on the steps being avatars of the gods.

I don't remember much else or which gods, but it was an interesting idea. Perhaps another user remembers more.

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