Upgrading the Minutemen

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The Minutemen are a great idea that are sorely lacking in content. I love Fallout 4 but if I were to pick one problem with it this would be it. The Minutemen have the shortest main story arc skipping a lot of good missions that the other factions have to make them feel fleshed out.

Another gripe is the fact that you are called General but you only give one order in the entire game when attacking a certain building (skipping spoilers as much as possible).

You only get to equip a few of the Minutemen at the building mentioned above, to expand on this it would be great if we could outfit the Minutemen in the gear we want them to be in.

It would be nice if we could order the Minutemen to align themselves with the faction of our choosing, and other policies that a General would do.

Having Preston have a Quest option is also a must.

One of the other factions lets you set up an outpost this would be a cool option for the Minutemen to expand beyond the building mentioned above.

Another idea is to have a training area for the settlement creation system where you can set up a firing range, callisthenics area, and even a singing march parole route.

These are just a few of my ideas. How would you upgrade the Minutemen?

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