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Little is known of the lands known as Akavir. Emperor Uriel Septim V once invaded the distant land across the ocean and he failed,

this was due to resistance from a force known as the Tsaesci, a snake like race that show fierce combat abilities and great numbers

making them a formidable force. The Tsaesci had previously invaded Tamriel before late in the first era, they where routed and defeated

by King Reman I, who used the Pale Pass to trap them cutting off supply lines and reinforcements. These two incidents are two of

the very small amounts of contact with the Tsaesci, and details of the snake-Men are hard to find but Tamriel is about to get a reintroduction

after many years.

Our story takes place roughly one hundred years after the events of the Dragonborn and Alduin the World Eater. The Empire

defeated the Stormcloak rebellion and eventually fought back the Aldmeri Dominion regaining control of its Empire. The Dawnguard

defeated the Volkhair Vampires and to this day it is rumored that Parthurnaax still sits atop the Throat of the World.

The invasion happened fast and without warning, on that day masses of fog rolled of the ocean on both the west and north shores

of Skyrim. Out of the fog sailed the ships of the Tsaesci and before any sort of resistance could be put in place they had landed

on the shores. The Snake men began their assaults on Solitude, Dawnstar and Winterhold ultimately removing the leading

figures of Skyrim and the Mages College.

To the Races of Tamriel this would seem like an invasion, but the Tsaesci have reason for their invasion. Back in the lands of Akavir

the Tang Mo and Ka'Po'Tun had created an alliance to rid themselves of the Tsaesci. The Tsaesci made the decision to once again try and

take Tamriel to avoid this conflict and instead try to take control of Tamriel where they deemed the races to be weaker.


Your Role

You will play a character who has been caught up in this invasion starting in Skyrim, Your sole mission is to survive and retreat further south

so that the Empire may be informed of the coming invasion.


The Tsaesci

Little is actually known about the race, what I have chosen to go for with this RP is much of how this theory describes them:

The Tsaesci are a parasitic life form that 'ate' the Humans of Akavir by taking control of them and making them their hosts. Depending on

the amount of time a host has been controlled it will exhibit certain snake like features, if the life form had only been controlled for a short

time their eyes may be more snake like and their skin more scale like. Hosts held for a longer time may look like literal snake men such as


In some rare cases a Tsaesci may even have the lower body of a snake with the upper body of a man, but this something that is

extremely rare and would most likely be some form of High Born or a Shaman.

Also found in the ranks of the Taesci invasion force will be enslaved human races from Akavir who might not have been

taken over by one of the parasites. There may also be Goblins found.



I'm sure most of you know them by now

1: Do not be OP/God

2: No character controlling

3: If you have a rather large story element you want

to introduce please contact me

4: Be constructive about somones

writing if you have to say something

(I fully expect people to give me advice as I'm not that great, I just do this for fun)

5: Have Fun ^_^


Just as a heads up, I have no intention of having an OOC thread for this RP, If anyone takes issue with this then please let me know and I may reconsider.

The only reason I dont use them is because people spend more time in the OOC thread talking about what they are going to do and then

not actually doing it, instead of talking about what your going to do, write up a post and do it and if you need to put something OOC there is not harm putting

a short OOC at the beginning of your post.



This is the Template CS I was planning to use, if you feel amendments are needed or I missed something let me know.

Please post characters into this thread for acceptance.





Hair: (colour, style etc)



Skills: (no more than 7)

Traits: (anything else that may make your character interesting diseases or other life skills and any positive or negative effects fhat go with them)




Personality and characteristics:


Accepted Characters:


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