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I was thinking about making a video about someone in the wasteland in first person view. so i would turn off the interface and add later a little "rec" and the red dot like you see on camera.

My first idea was to let the character wake up in the middle

of nowhere with no idea who he is but the problem with that would be, why is he filmed while waking up, noone is filming while is waking up and why would he even have a camera with

him, so my next thought would be to make the first bit of the video showing how the character film himself like a logbook in a bunker or house but the problem with that would be

that the mouth of the character would not be moving so i scraqed that idea aswell. Now my idea and i think that could work, a couples of mercenaries(or other) would find a

synth who has been torn apart by maybe a yao gui and has some data storage device in his head from a camera wish would be located in his eye. i have no idea yet what that synth

had seen during his life but what do you guys think about the beginning? sry for all the spelling mistakes, english ain't my first language
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sunny lovett
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Post » Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:30 am

Sounds like good ideas. I'm no expert on Fallout video creation, but I think there are ways to do the mouth moving you need. If you watch the recent Shoddy cast Fallout Storyteller videos, they have so,e characters with their mouthes moving. Probably need the mod workshop to do it though, and that's not out yet. And you could always give your character's masks.
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