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Wearable Lich Robe

by Melchior Dahrk






Adds a Better Bodies compatible lich robe with male and female versions which is based on the lich creature's outfit from Tribunal. You can find the robe in Samarys Ancestral Tomb near Seyda Neen.

There are 4 robe variants and 2 hoods included:

Tattered Garment, Hooded : The original lich outfit (complete with gaps in robe) - set up as Pants in the CS, replacing the Groin & Hair slots

Tattered Garment : Same as Hooded Tattered Garment, but without the hood - set up as Pants in the CS, replacing the Groin slot

Tattered Robe, Hooded : Adds a layer of wrap to the chest and arms, allowing the lich outfit to be worn as a true robe - set up as Robe in the CS and replaces the Hair slot

Tattered Robe : Same as Hooded Tattered Robe but without the hood

Tattered Hood : Just the hood from the lich outfit

Tattered Hood, Cowled : Includes the cowl from the lich robe - fits over most armor


Feel free to use this model in your own mod projects freely.


v1.0 - Initial upload

v2.0 - Adds hoodless and true-robe (can be worn over clothes/armor) versions to Samarys Ancestral Tomb. Complete with new icons and ground meshes. Also fixes a 3D-model issue on the cowl.
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