Weight Limit for Containers

Post » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:11 am

I've been experimenting with weight limits for containers in the Construction Set. It seems that the largest number that it is possible to set in the CS is 340282346638528860000000000000000000000.

If you try to set a larger value, the CS will automatically change it back to the one above.

I did some limited testing in-game and everything seems (emphasis on seems) to work fine using a container with a weight limit of 340282346638528860000000000000000000000.

There is a known bug in Oblivion that makes sometimes items disappear, if you store too many of them in a single container, but unless I'm mistaken, that bug doesn't affect Morrowind.

Does anyone know if there is a technical reason why such large values shouldn't be used in Morrowind ?

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