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I've not played in a couple of months, though I played Fallout 4 to death for the first couple of months, winding up with a heavily modded game. With the new DLC I figured I would give it another run. I listen tot he radio broadcast, I head to the marker, I take out the robots that are attacking and head towards ADA... CTD.

I've tried eliminating any and all mods that could conceivably impact anything to do with a new quest, robots, equipment, anything. I cannot for the life of me identify what is causing the crash, everything I try, the game crashes just the same.

I could disable any and all mods, play the game to level 15, and then see if it crashes, but that is a whole day's effort to do nothing other than find out that I have to play everything yet again from scratch, and perhaps restart the process of adding my mods one by one, all over again, which would be yet another day's work.

This is very disappointing. I guess I'll just have to wash my hands of Fallout 4 altogether until such a day that is is so old, it is new again, and the prospect of doing all that all over again doesn't seem like two days of make work.

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KIng James
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Back up your saves to a flash drive, delete Fallout, then re-download it and load your saves. If this doesn't work, I can't really help you anymore.
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Trista Jim
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And try verifying your game cache or reinstalling Automatron. If you haven't already.

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Auguste Bartholdi
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:03 am

You said you tried eliminating any and all mods that could have something to do with it but that doesn't mean you disabled ALL mods. If you're running preCK mods and complaining about something possibly interfering, it's your own fault. Don't blame the game or Bethesda for that

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Check for mods that affect the UI. The symbol for the Mechanist on the compass is throwing them off. Things like DEF UI and Nodotdotdot can cause a crash.

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Donald Richards
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If you are trying to play a game already influenced by mods, regardless if you then disable the mods you will get problems. Try a new save, clean, no mods from start to finish. Hell just console command your way to level 15 and no clip over there just to test it.

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Avril Louise
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:01 pm

Some days it's great playing a vanilla game

on a 'casual's' console...

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Shelby Huffman
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thats on you for modding the game so heavily

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Just to be clear... (because many are still not aware)

The mods have become 'baked-in' to your savegames!

One cannot simply remove the mods from the game, or delete the game and re-download it etc.

Or even re-install vidcard drivers "a dozen times" LoL, heheh, as one unfortunate and clueless gamer concluded might help.

The only savegames that will work with the new v1.3 and now v1.4 game, are ones that have never been modded. Zero mods...

I have been flamed, and accused of being 'anti-mod', for reporting this simple truth. :shrug:

But it is simply a fact. Hey don't shoot the messenger (if you don't like the message)!

I enjoy some mods too, and have a carefully modded Skyrim myself, and New Vegas, FO3, Oblivion etc.

So I'm not anti-mod per se!

It's just, this is how it goes when a new game is just released and Beth is patching and updating the game .exe...

It's totally predictable.

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le GraiN
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:21 am

It really comes down to a "you knew beforehand that mods before the CK release had a higher chance of borking your save and other things, use at your own risk". Some people didn't take that risk seriously and they burned themselves. Really no one else to blame but himself

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Monika Fiolek
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:11 am

You know conciseness is considered a skill? Took me 2 and a bit lines to write what you did lol. Relax man no one is calling you anything.

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