What is Interplay working on?

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What is gamesas working on? I've never once in my life seen a company more non-interactive and dark. Seriously, mortuaries have more life than this place.

I fail to see why gamesas does not bring its old titles to steam (or at least bring the ones on Gog.com to steam). It is easy revenue that is perpetual. Messiah on steam anyone?
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Sorry, I was away for a few weeks as I did some moving.

We do bring our old titles to Steam, GOG and other places as it makes financial sense. It's not free to upload the old games to Steam (especially ones like Messiah, which are, um, tricky to get to work right on modern systems).
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So anything in development that stands a chance of being released?
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We can't comment on games until they have been announced.

I'm working on a project that I certainly hope will be published.
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Well its good to hear you are working on a project. Hopefully we will hear of details eventually.
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275k hits... well damn. Evidently the world wants to hear a heart beat.
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I'm guessing spam bots.


That's really odd.
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