Wife always naked

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Oh its brilliant idea if its real, walking around in the house with your junk hardened all the time and always have excuses to your drinking buddies because its much better to stay at home but definitely not with lisbian housecarl staying under the same roof and stalker following around all the time(Aerin or whatever his name is).

I managed to get rid of her starting armor (weird enough because she selling it and i took advantage of it) and gave her better armor (when i say better, actually i meant sixier).

The problem everytime i left the house and return she always naked and refused to wear her new armor. She not even wear at least tunic in her inv. Freaking annoying.

Pls Betheda if u reading this pls fix it, its not a major bug but still very annoying. Thanks
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Arrogant SId
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Melly Angelic
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Lol i saw the title of this thread and thats exactly what i thought lol
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Len swann
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Seriously I don't think this is a problem.
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Matthew Aaron Evans
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Wife being naked all the time?

This is a problem how?
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chloe hampson
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Post » Fri May 18, 2012 7:11 am

First World Problem for sure.
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I have the opposite problem, my stupid wife is always dressed when I get home jeesh ;-p
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Milad Hajipour
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Why must she be a stupid wife? :ermm:
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She's ready for you.
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Lori Joe
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My Skyrim wife used to wear clothes...then she took an arrow to the knee

okay i dont care how much hate i get for that overused joke i had to do it
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Man. I was tempted to turn to my wife and ask her why SHE isn't naked when I get home.

Then I thought better :(
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Rob Davidson
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all i have to say is giggity lol sry i thought it was needed :cool:
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Maybe she's trying to hint ye at something, eh? ;)
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