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Before any lore nut comes in here giving their feeback as of why not.Get lost! Your opinions are not welcomed. This was a request back in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas an it stands to this day.Please add Female Supermutant models.

For lore nuts.There are several kinds of supermutants.From the mildly mutanted which look near identical to human.Mildly mutated like Ghouls.An perfect mutations like Supermutants.Then the horribly mutated like Centaur and I forget the guys name who were the first Mutants exposed to the virus.Which one is Harold.

Most of the gamers do not believe that all supermutants become male forms.They dont get deep voices due to physicality and they do not get massive shoulders.They look like females but more muscular is many areas.But move massively muscular.Just stronger.

Supermutants do not look like Body builders.They are just big an strong.This brings back the question of did females exist as Supermutants.They answer is yes.Even so.Did not change the fact that from what we guess.There was a rush for time an did not create female models for female Supermutants.So I am requesting the female supermutant meshes please.I don't want to hear why not.Make your own suggestion page as of why not.An dont post it here.

It does not matter.The fact is.Some Supermutants in complete forms did not look male.An there are all kinds of mutants out there.So there has to be female Supermutants with female forms.Please Add this to the game Bethesda.I would prefer to hear how we can improve the body types for the game.I would prefer something like the Futurama Amazonian (http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Amazonian)

I say this because Strong could be a female due to the comment http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Ronnie_Shaw states about foul mouth an Strong replies with a comment suggestion that he doesn't know what that is.Meaning Strong could be female or was a Kid before being exposed or even.But no other reasons.The Lily model of Fallout 3 NV was quite the disapointment when seeing the model.So some clarity would be refreshing by making female models of Supermutant types.

There were several types of the Supermutant viruis so this is possible.Please make it happen.

I am adding an extra line of dialog here.So trolls can get out of here.

Marcus say in Fallout 2 that sixual ability comes back after a little while?FEV also makes them sterile.Which is why Supermutants travel the wastelands looking for a cure.Reguardless of mutations you cannot have female genetalia without a female form.So supermutants are male an female after a while.Which is why Supermutants are made an not born.The virus does not remove anything.

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No, Supermutants are genderless. And yes, all Supermutants are big muscular brutes. No, Bethesda shouldn't crap on the Lore anymore then they already have. And they definitely shouldn't rewrite the Lore just to satisfy whatever crusade your on.
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1) Moving this to Fallout Series Discussion, as it's more appropriate to that section than the Feedback and Suggestions for the Bethesda Store (which is more for making suggestions about merchandise and other items bought on the Store Page and less to do with features for future Bethesda games.)

2) When you make a thread of any sort, you invite debate about your topic. You cannot tell anyone who disagrees with your suggestion to simply not post in your thread - that is not the purpose of a forum. You kind of have to expect that when you create a thread you are inviting contrary opinions to your own.

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Harold wasn't a super mutant, he was just a different kind of result from FEV just like the Master. Centaurs are failed attempts at Super Mutants. Ghouls aren't super mutants, just mutants. Not all mutants are a form of super mutants but the other way around, super mutants are just another for of mutants. In fact at this point in the Fallout universe everyone is a mutant including people like the Vault City inhabitants because they've been exposed to the wasteland and the air.

Super Mutants are genderless, they are neither male nor female and just because their appearances don't match with female doesn't mean they're male. Lily was a woman in her life but being dipped in FEV radically changed her entire being. There is also the fact that not all Super Mutants were dumb or a kid in their previous life, most end up forgetting literally everything about their past life. It's not even guaranteed as to what will create a smart mutant or as Tabitha called them "dumb dumbs" at first we're told that smart mutants come from Vault Dwellers but the super mutants of Vault 87 and the mental state of Tabitha and Lily say otherwise. Also while Marcus may say that that doesn't mean that because a super mutant doesn't have boobs or a feminine physique makes them male or female, for all we know all super mutants could be hermaphrodites since we've never seen what's under their trousers.

Also i don't see how strong not knowing what a foul mouth is means they could've been a girl in their previous life, because whoaboy I know a lot of girls with foul mouths, even I use a lot of "swear" words and I'm a girl.
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This wasn't up for debate.This was never addressed.But please move it.An this model issue for years was ignored.An you had models that were rushed out the door an never fixed.Its not a bug.It was just ignored.We come across this a lot in game.An we had talks with developers on this.An they said OK.An here we are in Fallout 4.

Nope never addressed.What that guy above posted however not only offended me directly but did not even read the post an attacked me.Thats why i want his post deleted.This is not up for arguement.It was ignored by consept artist.So please inform them they need to address this.

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An for anyone yelling about how this goes against the lore.Again Check your lore.There are many kinds of Supermutants The east an west coats are just the ones known.I should not have to explain it.IF YOU KNOW THE LORE.So if you are saying no no.You dont know the lore.Do not make accusations towards me.I am just the guy making the post on the subject because of a technical issue not addressed.Do not insult or attack me.



I will be clear.Some supermutants Look female.But it is hard to tell based on what they wear MOST of the time.That of being Unisix geared.That is fine.However He said most.Not all.So some do look female.So the models are not in the game.An it needs to be addressed.The end.For all we know some exposed to the virus all look female.But we dont know that.We are in the north.The chances of this are 50%.I see no change.Game after game..It's not just confusing.It sounds like people being Lazy.But im not saying that.Just things were rushed out the door again.

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None, at all in lore or game, look feminine. While some may identify as female like Tabitha and Lily their physique is the same as the other types of super mutant as showing no real gender. The only real way to tell what gender a super mutant is is to look at their genitals which we never actually get a chance to see.

FEV drastically changes their physique to the point that any and all gender identification based solely on their body makes it impossible without them totally being naked which we've never seen.

Also just because they can change lore doesn't mean they will, look at Brotherhood of Steel. That drastically changed lore around so much but it ended up being the most hated fallout game because it broke the entire structure of the universe, it's considered non-canon now. Just because they can change lore to fit your idea doesn't mean they should, if anything the gender neutral aspect of Super Mutants is way better then futurama amazonian-esque super mutants which is a joke you missed because the Amazonians were making fun of people who want tall sixy women but are primitive which is literally what the misconception of the myth of the Amazons is to the modern day, though they did it in a rather sixist way.
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If you read the terminals near Fawkes's cell in FO3, you find out stuff. Super mutants look the same.

Entry 87-34190

The latest subjects in the Evolutionary Experimentation Program (EEP) are showing some promise after only a single exposure to the modified FEV. We are currently testing five subjects, two males and three females. Each one of them is under 24 hour observation as usual. We hope to have a breakthrough in this strain as the continual pressure from Vault-Tec and the military at Mariposa is becoming most bothersome.

Entry 87-34224

Incredible results! After only three days, subjects B440, B164 and D624 (all our female specimens) are all exhibiting a unique change. Their bodies are undergoing severe physical changes, losing most of their visible female indicators and transforming to an almost asixual state. They are also seeing increased upper body strength and muscle formation in line with males.

Similarly, subjects C376 and A541 (our male specimens) are losing most of their visible male indicators and taking on the same asixual state as the females. It seems that the FEV wishes to "level the playing field" and start with a clean slate as it works.

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Warsun, although i can appreciate your strong feelings about supermutants and their potential gender identities, I do have to tell you that this is a forum. A place for discussion. You do not get to tell others to leave if they are "lore nuts", just because you disagree with them. They respectfully disagree with you - the least you could do is respectfully hear them out. You don't need to respond if you don't want to, but if you do want to respond, you need to be civil. People are not trolling you just because they don't necessarily agree with you.

There is a super mutant convo in FO3, that you can overhear, where one says it thinks he may have been a woman. And there is a lot of evidence that Fawkes was a female at one point as well. :shrug: If the mutation is that they are big muscular hunks with no gender identifiers (no boobs, no hips, possibly no uhm, "mini-mutant" :D ]... who knows) well then, that is the mutation.

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Fawkes from fallout 3 is a woman.

All supermutants become genderless when converted, it's the nature of the fev.

If you don't like it, you can always make your own post apocalyptic game with female orcs, but until then, no it's a terrible idea to crap on lore simply to appease fringe sjws.
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Terminals were considered Sub-Lore.Because they were writen quite misleading.They could have two genetaila.Not that their bodys change to that of a male or female.Just muscular enough that you would have difficulty immediately spoting SOME which they were.Not ALL.Being clear. Are females and males.They just dress the same.So same gear different for males and females.Which is why I am not answering Cider!'s post.


Aggravation is the word.The reason i don't want lore nuts here.Trying to explain this to me is the exaxct problem.I already saw the discussion over this very subject in 2013.The issues were not addressed then an this is 2016.Higher graphical engine.We can see things better now.No reason to be lazy (No assumptons) or put things off now.You play the game.The issue was not addressed again.You have to post or request it.That is the only way.Asking someone to SImply tell the devs to fix something is IMPOSSIBLE!

So i have to go to the forums to hear all the people who have no interest in the subject either Deny anything said or this ever existed or insult me directly OR try to correct me on the subject.For a example.What does Unisix mean an what does asixual mean?

The Sentinel

You remember what i said about Lore nuts. " ALL Supermutants." No.They have genders.They are just hard to spot.Some are dressed unisix.Yes they have six.yes they have sixes.But they have no way to reproduce.So they can look feminine.Please please dont make this going for 50 pages.Please......

So stop.Just stop.Please.Please please just stop the pain.just please stop.

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Skip this.

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Terminals considered sub-lore? How so? Because they don't support your argument?

Terminals in game are considered canon and help fill in much of the lore rather than have it constantly explained by characters in game. It's pretty much established and I believe even confirmed by developers (Both Bethesda and Obsidian/Black Isle/Interplay guys) that once mutated Super Mutants have lost all visible signs of gender.

Seems to be you aren't interested in discussion and debate at all, but just basically wanting to say 'This is how things should be, and everybody else is wrong, even though they have the evidence'

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Okay, I think I understand what you are asking.

1. From what I can read, some mutants do retain their genitalia, but it is pretty much non-functional. They are sterile, and can't reproduce. It is an unfortunate side effect of the FEV. The FEV was designed to essentially rework the DNA to make them masculine and very muscular. Because of this, this changes even the female body to look the same as a mans, as a matter of uniformity.

Female super mutants do exist, Fawkes and Lily are prime examples, but because of the FEV their bodies are the same as their male counterparts.

I believe the only reason the there isn't a female version is because of how the developers wanted it to be in Fallout (1997), to go with the lore they made. Future versions of the series still follow this idea, even with multiple strains of the FEV, as at it's base it's the same thing just slightly different. I highly doubt the delevelopers now (Bethesda) will ever create a female model. Modders however may make a model. If you make a request on the mod part of the site, you may find one, or inspire someone to make one, though it will be non-canon.

2. Ghouls have nothign to do with FEV. Not a hwole lot is known about them, but that it's radiation that causes them to turn. If a ghoul got exposed to FEV (such as dumped into FEV vats in the attempt to get it to become a super mutant) it would probably die, or become some weird messed up abomination. Ghouls =/= super mutants.

3. Harold is a special case that never got replicated. From what I understand, minor radiation and limited exposure (not beign dipped) caused him to somewhat mutate, but not to a full extent. Harold is not a super mutant, but something completely different of classification, especially sicne he is know mostly a tree in Fallout 3.

4. Strong not knowing what "Foul mouth" means is a result of his intelligence. Strong literally thinks there is a phsyical "Milk of Human kindness", not understanding the meaning of the phrase. It is possible that Strong was a child when he was exposed to the virus, but even advlts that get exposed become as dumb as he does. That strain of the virus causes that in many east coast mutants. Their is no evidence supporting whether or not if Strong was a man or woman before the virus.

TL;DR. All super mutants bodies are meant to look the same as thats what the virus is intended to do while increasing strength. The likelyhood of the developers making an actual Super mutant female model is minimal. Check and see if any modders have made one yet, or learn how to create your own :tops:

AS for a female super mutant model, I'm sure a modder could create one. It would of course be non-cannon.

*EDIT* Yes, I forgot the FO3 FEV actually removes their genitalia. Fawkes is also a man.

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Female Super Mutants do exist when it comes to West Coast Super Mutants. The ones from Mariposa keep their genitalia. The ones from DC do not since it was a different type of FEV.

The problem with the West Coast super mutants is that they are sterile, but they do keep their reproductive organs. Females are still female and males are still male. If that wasn't the case then it would have been far more obvious to the Master as to why is plan wouldn't work. There are also female super mutants in Fallout Tactics. The lieutenant in Fallout was working on the sterility problem without the Master knowing. There were super mutants in Fallout Tactics also working on the problem. I like to think they continued the research from Fallout One.

So yes there can and are female super mutants. But the ones Bethesda created are a different type of super mutant created from a different version of FEV. It would have been nice to have a more female looking super mutant in Fallout New Vegas but given the limited time they had to make the game it wasn't high on the to do list.

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No he is not, it was confirmed that was wrong information from the VA.

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Forgetting any lore inaccuracies. I think the important question to ask here is:


Yes. For a second there I thought I was remembering that, but I'm glad I'm not. I'm pretty sure a developer stated at one point that he was *definitely* male right?

Seems like super-mutants, intelligent ones anyway, take names that suggest their former gender. Tabitha, Lily etc. Fawkes is of course named after Guy Fawkes: a man.

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During the FEV virus transformation.An with that you have to remember Marcus stated.After or before SLEEPING WITH A prosttute

" sixuality returns after a while. " And " I hope she doesnt get pregnant "

Clearly indicating they return to most of their form but a lot more muscular.Which is fine.They do not all appear male.

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Yes this is very true.But again.They looked that way due to many issues with design.Not because all supermutants looked that way.Only on that cost they were genderless.Which is why Tabitha looked that way when i first though that.But then i saw Lily.An iknew they.They just cut an pasted the male Supermutant design an just plastered it on there an say.There Female.An i know they worked hard on that game.This is a new game.There is no excuse for this.They should look different.These are not the east cost.This is NORTH.Big difference.

Remember how we all said.This does not feel like a fallout story.It lacked a lot of things.This was one of them.An again.Pressed for time or just lazy designers.No offense but it was proven.it was just rehashing the same model.An there is no excuse this time.

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OK ....... Then are the designers being Rushed or Lazy?

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My guess is rushed.

But that being said we can go back to Fallout with Vree from the Brotherhood of Steel who did an autopsy on a super mutant and she was unable to tell what gender it was but it did have a 77.41% muscle mass, 3.2 meters tall and 363.21 kg.

So what do you want with a female super mutant? A super mutant that look distinctly female? The obvious being briasts? I would say that is against what we know about the super mutants. If Vree couldn't tell the difference between a male and female super mutant when we know for sure there are male and female super mutants when it comes to the West Coast Super mutants then it shows that from just looking at a West Coast super mutant, one can't clearly tell the difference between the male and female. The increase in body mass/muscle height, skin colour and thickness and so on could greatly obscure female features.

Granted it is possible that the Super Mutant Vree was working with could have had other factors in which the obvious reasons for not knowing the gender were gone, but there are other ways to tell gender aside from what is below the belt. Maybe if she had many more to work with.

But yeah there are female super mutants and that is pointed out in Fallout, Fallout 2 and we get to see some in Fallout Tactics. The ones in Tactics aren't much if at all different than male super mutants.

So from what I can tell male and female super mutants have male and female genitals but other differences between the two are all but erased or simply hidden under a lot of muscles.

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Seems some people still are getting confused about the terminal entry. That entry was made when the vault was still run by human vault dwellers. Fawkes was put in the cell after the super mutants revolted and took over.

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This is my question as well.

Are we talking about scantily clad She-Hulks or just super-mutants with briasts?

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Tabatha and Lilly are female, that is if they are from Mariposa and I can't see how they aren't. They would have female genitalia. If they didn't then proving the Master was wrong in his plan would have been simple as "have you looked between their legs for yourself?"

She-Hulk like super mutants would be my guess. It would take a lot of messing around with FEV to get that... but that being said the Institute screwed around with it for what decades and got no results. The Master messed with FEV in the West and got more intelligent super mutants, trying to create elite super mutants or something.

But if you were going for an FEV that could make a super mutant that was clearly female and clearly male, why not go all the way and try to get what FEV was intended to do and get a Captain America type person?

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Right but what I'm saying is that Tabitha and Lily gave themselves (or kept, in Lily's case) female gender names. Suggesting they understand that they are "female" even if its, on the surface, basically impossible to tell Lily apart from say Marcus unless you inspect the goods. Fawkes gave himself a male name because he, presumably, understands he is "Male."

My guess is that for the dumb-dumbs, unlike the intelligent mutants, most of them don't really grasp the concept of gender. All the Fallout 4 SM's call each other "Brother" for instance. Which is why we don't see them dressing differently or acting like anything other than "Male".

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