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Continuing from the http://www.gamesas.com/index.php?showtopic=1606578...

What does Wrye Bash do?
  • It makes it safe to try out new mods because it will restore everything to the way it was when you uninstall a mod
  • It makes more mods compatible with each other by importing information from different mods into a "bashed patch"
  • It allows you to exceed the 255 mod threshold by automatically merging some types of mods for you

  • What the heck do all these acronyms mean?

Yeah, to save typing, we often sling around terminology that can be confusing to newcomers. Here's a quick rundown of what we mean:

  • WB: Wrye Bash. Written in Python.
  • WBSA: Wrye Bash Standalone. Wrye Bash packaged with the required Python interpreter and all dependencies into one neat executable package. Still internally runs on Python, but since the interpreter is internal to the exe, no Python components are required to be installed.
  • PBash: A Bashed Patch built with the "classic" Python mode patchers. These patchers read, process, and write mod records all in Python.
  • BAIN: BAsh INstaller. You use it from the WB Installers tab
  • BAIN archive: A mod released in a format that can be installed by BAIN
  • CBash:
    • A Bashed Patch built with the CBash (see #2) mode patchers. These patchers still do mod processing in Python, but utilize CBash.dll to do the file reading and writing.
    • A C++ written DLL with a C API, that is used for reading and writing ESP/ESM format files. This is the only part of Wrye Bash not written in Python (well, except for calls to 7z.exe to extract things).
    • The practical benefits of using CBash are:
      • Building the bashed patch is much faster
      • More plugins are mergeable, giving you the ability to cram more goodness into the game
      • In the future, more interesting kinds of tweaks will be practical to implement

  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/releases
  • http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22368
  • http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840
  • http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20General%20Readme.html, http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Advanced%20Readme.html, http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Technical%20Readme.html, http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Version%20History.html (also included in the download as "Wrye Bash General Readme.html" in the Mopy/Docs folder)
  • alt3rn1ty's http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35230 (For Oblivion, new guide for Skyrim pending)
  • Metallicow's BAIN http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/38857
  • Translated documentation and guides: http://guides.tesfans.org
Requirements and Installation:

Short version: just use the installer, and install everything to their default locations.

Long version: see the http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20General%20Readme.html for information, and the http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Advanced%20Readme.html for even more details.

The project is hosted at https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash. You'll need a GitHub account to create or add data to bug reports and feature requests.

Reporting Bugs: Try to give us enough information to diagnose your problem. The following information is useful to us:

  • Your operating system! If on windows and UAC is enabled and the game is in the default directory (ex C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion) please install it somewhere else. This can cause lots of problems.
  • Wrye Bash version! Also specify if you are using Python Wrye Bash, or Wrye Bash StandAlone exe (WBSA). If you're using a development version, be sure to include the commit SHA.
  • Bug description - be sure to include:
    • what you did (step-by-step),
    • what you expected, and
    • what happened.
  • Any and every error message you encounter. `stdout/stderr` window that pops up with errors is especially useful - but if you produced a bugdump you won't see this - the errors will go to the bugdump (preferred).
  • The bashbugdump.log

    The `bashbugdump.log` contains precious information on your python install, encodings etc - you must add this to your report. To generate it:
    • Python version
      Launch `Wrye Bash Debug.bat` (recommended) or fire up a command prompt, navigate to Mopy and issue

      C:\path\to\Mopy>c:\path\to\Python27\python.exe "Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw" -d
      C:\path\to\Mopy>"Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw" -d won't work.
    • WBSA version: Fire up a command prompt, navigate to Mopy and issue:
      C:\path\to\Mopy>"Wrye Bash.exe" -d
    This way the output will be redirected to Mopy/bashbugdump.log and no more stdout/stderr windows will pop up.
  • Are you using a bash.ini ? If so, include its contents (in spoiler tags, please!).
  • Is the problem related to the Bashed Patch ? If so include the following:
    • Your Load Order (in spoiler tags). Right click on a column header in the Mods tab > 'List Mods...'.
    • Your Bashed Tags (in spoiler tags). Right click on a column header in the Mods tab > 'List Bash Tags...'.
    • Your Bashed Patch config (in spoiler tags). Right click on a column header in the Mods tab > 'List Patch Config...'.
  • If you think you've found an error using WBSA, be sure to uninstall ALL python components and test it again first, to be sure we get an accurate report. Having python installed can sometimes trick the WBSA into thinking that it has all of the files it requires, even if it really doesn't.

You can see all the known bugs in the https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues, and more info on reporting a bug and Bash's logs
on our https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/%5Bgithub%5D-Reporting-a-bug wiki page

Linking: If you'd like to link to Bash from somewhere else, please do! But be sure to link to either one of the Nexus site urls or https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash. Don't link to the actual download file, since that changes fairly frequently.

Related Projects:
  • Load orders should be managed with http://boss-developers.github.io/, which also supplies updated lists of tags used for importing (though even if you don't use BOSS, a basic taglist is shipped with each version of Wrye Bash)
  • Valda ported and maintains Wrye Bash for Fallout3 (http://www.gamesas.com/index.php?showtopic=1211142) and Fallout3 New Vegas (http://www.gamesas.com/index.php?showtopic=1234195). These are in the process of being re-integrated into Wrye Bash proper.
Join the Wrye Bash Team:

Currently we are looking for volunteers to contribute Wrye Bash. The main focus is updating Wrye Bash's code so that it can handle more than just leveled lists for Skyrim. However, that does not mean that the Oblivion version will be ignored. Wrye Bash is written in Python but does use some external C++ files. For that reason we need Python programmers primarily but could use anyone with C++ experience to update the external libraries that Wrye Bash uses. If you would like to volunteer please PM me. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

The updates that are needed:

1) Update patchers so Wrye Bash can process Skyrim's files as it does for Oblivion
2) Finalize the code refactoring that started with 305 and 306 - mainly refactor BAIN and freeze the layout of the patchers package
3) Finalize the UI refactoring so we can move on to newer python/wx python versions
4) Update CBash. CBash is the exception in that it can be updated at any time as long as there is a volunteer to work on it.

Please see the https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash#contributing in our repo readme.

Changelog for Latest Version:
306 Code refactoring, performance [2015/11/07] [Utumno]

  • Option to list dependencies on a particular mod [Utumno]
  • Optionally skip instead of ignoring Skyrim .BSL [Utumno]
  • Wine Compatibility [Utumno]
  • Oblivion esm version swapping fixups [Utumno]
  • Switching save profile does not activate mods for this save profile [Utumno]
  • Master list fixups and enhancements [Utumno]
  • UnicodeDecodeError on tmp dir creation when username contains non ascii chars [Utumno]
  • Table.dat fixups [Utumno]
  • Scroll position not set on startup (Installers, People and Screens tabs) [Utumno]
  • Delete fixups [Utumno]
  • Ghosted Plugins Sorted after the Bash Patch [Utumno]
  • Bash loads an invalid plugins.txt without notifying the user of the error. [Utumno]
  • Mergeable plugins do not auto deactivate [Utumno]
  • Error when applying BCF [Utumno]
  • [Ini setting] re-add setting for BOSS executable location [Sharlikran]
  • [Ini setting] Disable prompt for activating bashed patch [Utumno]
  • skyrim_const.py is missing the 3rd hi-res DLC file in bethDataFiles array [jfpelland]
  • Added a force UTF-8 option to plugin encodings. [Utumno]
  • Skyrim - New GMST settings tweaks requests [jfpelland]
  • Huge lag when switching back to mods tab from another application [Utumno]
  • Menu item to load only selected mods [Utumno]
  • Comments box forgets its size [Utumno]
  • UnicodeDecodeError when importing a face to a save [Utumno]
  • Rework Mod Groups - remove BALO [Utumno]
  • Bash should send deleted files to the Recycle Bin [Utumno]
  • Masters list displays incorrectly [Utumno]

Full http://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Version%20History.html is available online.
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Bug tracking and progress towards 307. Here's a rundown of what the next release will contain, as well as a list of all known bugs and requested enhancements. Links lead to the github issue tracker artifacts. If you have information or opinions pertaining to any particular bug or enhancement, please comment at the tracker link. If you have screenshots or sample files, you can attach them (or a link to them) to the trackers too. Any information helps but keep the posts at the tracker as technical as possible! Users who have reported bugs and are updating from git: please check the following for any closed/fixed bugs (indicated with a strikethrough). Confirmation of the fix would be much appreciated. Please note: we have not finished transferring the bug tracker from Sourceforge so please look http://sourceforge.net/p/oblivionworks/bugs/ as well before posting a bug.

  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/328: Names Patcher: Stop listing game master file as one of the files to process.
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/294: %5BFO4%5D Wrye Bash is unable to see string files from official DLC https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/279: Installer column for mods/inis is not always updated https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/271: Screenshots Tab - Image remains displayed after deleting last screenshot https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/270: BAIN Skips fixups https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/262: Fix overflow error in mods tab for large modification dates https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/259: Renaming saves/screens/installers fixups https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/236: Cosaves are not edited when editing the save's masters list
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/235: Package script and installer fixups https://api.github.com/users/lojack5
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/229: MustBeActiveIfImported tag appears to do nothing
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/209: Wizard does not show images https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/181: CBash patcher does not import names from csv files
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/179: Mods flicker on mouse over https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/96: BAIN Installers does not install all files https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/93: BAIN is no longer auto-annealing even with the setting enabled (possibly resolved)
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/92: [Oblivion] Bashed Patch changing hardcoded FormIDs
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/308: Warn when a mod is ordered before its masters https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/290: Better handling of missing game ini https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/278: Installers Quick Refresh menu item https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/277: Refreshing an installer should refresh/rescan its files in Data https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/276: Customizable color for markers https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/275: Ctrl+O shortcut to open data directories https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/269: Skip Bash Installers Folders https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/256: Undo Load order change https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/253: Drop support for older Bash settings files https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/251: Fallout 4 Basic Support https://api.github.com/users/lojack5
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/247: Ini tab performance
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/231: Masterless blank esps https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/221: Remove the messages tab https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/214: Bashed Patch with Nehrim and other total conversions https://api.github.com/users/jfpelland
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/210: Lock load order https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/205: Refresh optimizations https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/171: Make mod export dialogs to remember the export path
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/148: Reading of Skyrim INI files https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/83: Function to check for changed FormIDs
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/53: Jump from Mod List to the Installer that installed a mod https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/29: Update ESMify to generate ONAM subrecords
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/26: Persistent language setting

  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/307: [Skyrim] Invalid function value imported to patch by a merged mod
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/306: [Skyrim] Effect data for winning record is not copied.
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/305: [Skyrim] Keyword data from winning records is not copied
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/304: [Skyrim] Names patcher ignored removed FULL subrecord
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/303: [Skyrim] Winning records for leveled lists are not ignored by the patch
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/302: [Skyrim] Cell patcher results in unwanted ITM due to water height
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/301: [Skyrim] Names patcher does not override correctly.
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/280: CBash memory error
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/223: Apply BCF fails when the converted installer is present
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/158: INI line endings are changed to nix


  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/342: Add Form Version to class ModReader:
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/337: Add Command-Line Argument To Specify bash.ini Location
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/324: Bash list must regain focus when a dialog is displayed
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/318: Wizard ini tweaks install enhancements
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/311: Double click on a master in master's list to jump to mod in mod's list
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/309: Load order handling fixups and enhancements
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/296: Add BA2 Support to Wrye Flash
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/291: INI Edits: Hide invalid tweaks
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/289: Add more text styles and mouse tips in the Installers tab
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/274: Prompt to see if user wishes to remove crc-mismatched files on BAIN uninstall
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/273: List files in clean data/ sync from data
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/272: Wizard Fixups and additions
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/267: Collapsible Markers
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/266: Rework docs detection and display by BAIN
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/254: List Script Extender Plugins
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/250: Profiles https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/249: OR file extension issue
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/233: BSA tab
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/222: Converters Tab
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/216: Alt + right/left arrows shortcut to navigate to next/previous selection in all Bash lists https://api.github.com/users/Utumno
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/196: Face Import fixups
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/189: Wizard GetEspmLoadOrder function addition
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/81: Add launcher for LOOT https://api.github.com/users/WrinklyNinja
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/52: BAIN: Create a special package for vanilla files
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/51: 'NoMerge' and 'Deactivate' improvements
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/50: View of data folder with source installers
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/49: BAIN 'Update from file'
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/48: More visible BAIN comands
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/47: Recognize BCFs that are introduced via File drag'n'drop
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/46: Per-plugin encodings
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/45: SEFF icon tweaker
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/44: BAIN 'Hide' feature requests
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/43: Hide some "always recommended" Bashed Patch options
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/42: Automatic 'Plugin Encoding' detection
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/41: Sync to Data for archives
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/40: Better readme detection
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/39: Preview of 'Clean Data'
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/38: Cancel a package install
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/37: BAIN packaging of projected data into a BSA
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/36: Refactor generic launchers
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/31: Add patcher support fo XCLR subrecords of CELL
  • https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/30: Date activated column

The bugs mentioned fixed are fixed in the stable development version, you can download the python files from here: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/archive/dev.zip

https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/archive/utumno-wip.zip based on branch https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/tree/utumno-wip

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And what have we here ?


This is as near as the future beta as it can get (probably in the beta I will not include some of the patcher stuff and certainly not the loot api but still)

Please test - especially the installer and the skyrim SE/Fallout 4 stuff - this is the first official WB release in a year so beta or not needs to be pristine

(hopefully till sunday I will be rolling this in nexus)

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When clicking on this https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7b5ily482re0khs/AAD3vAWMVJNIpuS30tsdVte5a?dl=0 link I see nothing since the folder is empty.

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