yooo.. convince me this game is good..

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yooo.. try it yourself, fallout_kid, and see what you think.. the only opinion that counts is your own!

I would welcome you to the forum, but I seem to have to run out fishy sticks.

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rheanna bruining
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I would suggest that you watch some Let's Play videos on YouTube and decide for yourself. As tmar says, the only opinion that counts is your own. :)

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this has troll written all over it

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This game is good.

There you go, now go spend some pennies and buy it.

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This game is beyond good.

Like it was suggested that only you can decide if the game is good for you and it was also suggested that you can look up some youtube let's play videos and such to help make the decision if the game is for you.

Welcome to the forum.

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It won game of the year, and in the top 100 games of all time.

Also, it's better than FOBOS... :angel:

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I think almost anything is better than FOBOS. Only game I know for sure where FOBOS is better than is E.T. :ahhh:

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Fallout POS is still better than Fallout shelter! :spotted owl:

But yea, OP, buy the game. It's good. And this is coming from a die-hard FO;NV fan. :P

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i remember being obsessed w/ getting the demo to Fallout 2 after reading ab it in MacAddict

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You have to make at least five posts before being allowed to post links or pics.

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#bumps post count

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