Fallen Liberty: A Commonwealth Faction RP OOC Thread II

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"The Commonwealth itself is nothing but a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair."

The year is 2287, and The Commonwealth stands at a crossroads. The Sole Survivor of Vault 111 has not emerged, remaining frozen in Cryogenic stasis deep within underground Vault above Sanctuary Hills. But the story of the Commonwealth goes on without them.

Deep below the ruins of CIT, The Institute exists sealed in its pristine environment, producing marvels of technology that most people could only dream about. The greatest of their creations, is the Synths: manufactured humans which are indistinguishable from the real thing. Fear of infiltration by these synthetic humans has put many in the Commonwealth in a state of panic, and The Institute is widely dreaded as both a source of terror, and mystery.

Across the Commonwealth, Brotherhood of Steel recon teams scout the region, reporting their findings back to The Capital Wasteland. While their presence is currently limited, reports of The Institute, their synths, and of the Commonwealth mutants have concerned Elder Arthur Maxson, and he has opted to take personal charge of a major offensive operation. The Prdwyen has been dispatched along with a fleet of supporting vertibirds and enough manpower and materials to launch what is perhaps the most ambitious military expedition ever conducted by the Brotherhood of Steel: days away from arrival to the Commonwealth.

Within their hidden headquarters meanwhile, The Railroad seeks to free the Synths from the clutches of The Institute, and from the Brotherhood of Steel too if necessary. Reports of the Brotherhood's imminent arrival has distressed Railroad operatives, and soon they might find themselves caught in the middle of a three-way fight. A fight they must win or everything they stand for will mean nothing.

Other groups in the Commonwealth eck out an existence as the looming war approaches. Diamond City remains the 'great green jewel' of the Commonwealth and its largest city, while the outcasts of Goodneighbor continue to do their own thing: and proud of it. The residents of Vault 81 do what they can to maintain their vault and continue their way of life in a vault which has stood the test of time thus far. Rumors of the famed Minutemen returning have begun to spread as well, along with scattered reports of a presence at the Castle. The Gunners, cutthroat mercenaries they are, continue to make their presence known with some of the best firepower short of the Brotherhood. And various raider groups continue to be a plague on the peace and sanity of the people of the Commonwealth.

In this RP, you will take charge of one of these groups or others and lead them to victory.....or defeat. You will you diplomacy, trade, and war to further your goals and ensure your faction's survival in The Commonwealth. Or perhaps you will simply roleplay an independent merchant, wastelander, or member of someone else's faction. The choice is up to you.

Basic Rules

1. No godmodding or meta-gaming (don't have your characters know things that they should not etc.).

2. Keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of your faction and play accordingly.

3. Be mindful of lore and keeping true to what's presented in-game.

4. Roleplayers will agree on conflicts/battles between themselves. Or with the advise of the group. The plot is entirely roleplayer driven.

5. Multiple characters in different factions are allowed. But only with the approval of the individual controlling that faction. Controlling multiple factions is not allowed under most circumstances, but exceptions can be made depending on how the factions will interact.

6. Some spoilers for Fallout 4 are to be expected. Although this RP will try and avoid the big "twists" of the main storyline involving the Sole Survivor. Beyond that, nothing is guaranteed.

Faction Sheet Template

Faction Name:


Economy (exports and imports etc.):






If you'd like to create a character sheet for your leader or for someone else in your faction: feel free to do so. But it is not required. Faction sheets are required.

Submitting a CS for someone's else faction is at that person's discretion.


List of Factions/RP'ers

Story factions:

The Institute- Lt. Andronicus

Brotherhood of Steel - TheLoneRanger

The Railroad- Agrona


Major cities/settlements:


Diamond City- Vatrou

Vault 81-

Covenant/The Compound-

Raiders/Merc Groups:

The Forged- Aldin_Kiris

The Scorned- Tundrafrog

Gunners- MrSmileySmile

Other Groups:

Children of Atom- wampower99

Custom Factions/Settlements:

Abbey of the Road- Jozgar

The 75th Dominion- Casey

New Olney- Colonel Martyr

East Side Gang - Tiberius67

The O'Neil Family- ZeuscannonMan92

Ronto- Magnus the Red

The Valence Wanderer- Robco Protectron


Faction Associated Characters:

Hudson Walcroft (Brotherhood of Steel)- Aldin_Kiris


Name: Hudson Walcroft

Age: Late 30's

Gender: Male

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Rank: Paladin

Physical Description: Paladin Walcroft is a rather large figure, standing at about 6'2 and weighing in at a solid 180lbs. His career as a Brotherhood Paladin has kept him fit and lean, something he feels as an absolute necessity for any combat personnel. In an attempt to keep himself clean and proper as possible, he opts to keep his head shaved and prefers his face to be kept in the same fashion. His normally sullen expression and cold light blue eyes might be a bit off-putting to some, though anyone who is close to the Paladin knows his looks don't always denote his true mood.

Personality: Walcroft, first and foremost, is fanatically loyal to the Brotherhood and Elder Maxson. Completely devoted to the Brotherhood's ideals, Walcroft is among the stanchest and most stalwart supporters of the Brotherhood and its ideals, and is more than willing to put his life on the line if need be. This is especially evident in his support of the Brotherhood's stance on technology, due to his past.

Despite his generally hard exterior, Walcroft does have a softer side. He genuinely cares for his Brothers and Sisters, even more so about the ones under his direct command, viewing himself as something of a father-figure to them. And, while he doesn't like to admit it, tends to get more involved in their personal lives than he should. This overprotective side has more than once caused him a great deal of stress as he attempts to balance his protective side with his duty as a soldier of the Brotherhood.

Walcroft, like so many others of the Brotherhood, believes Maxson to be a godsend. He has unwavering loyalty to the young Elder, viewing him as the savior of the Brotherhood and the one to lead them to greatness.

Armor/Clothing: As most Paladins and Knights, Walcroft is almost always in his suit of T-60 Brotherhood power armor, adorned with the stripes denoting his rank.

On the odd occasion he isn't in his armor, Walcroft can be seen in a black variant of the standard Brotherhood of Steel uniform, opting to occasionally wear a flight jacket over it.

Weapons: Walcroft's weapon of choice is an automatic laser rifle, specifically the one he has had ever since he became a Knight many years ago. Though it has gone through many different modifications over the years, the rifle itself has been be kept in excellent condition, a result of its wielder's nigh-zealous maintenance of it.

Walcroft's side arm, however, changes from time to time, depending on what the mission entails. Recently, he has taken preference to a standard .44 revolver.

History: Walcroft was born into the Brotherhood back in the Capital Wasteland. Both his mother and father were field scribes, Brotherhood patriots, and loving parents. It was assumed he'd follow in their footsteps and undergo scribe training, and for a time, he fully intended to.

However, when he just a child, his mother and father both went on a mission they never returned from. Whilst examining some Pre-War ruins, one of their group had tripped an old security system, and both his parents were unfortunately caught up in a firefight with a sentry bot, ultimately ending in their untimely demise.

Left an orphan, Walcroft made a choice that would shape the rest of his life. Seeing that the Codex was right, and that technology was in fact dangerous in the hands of those who couldn't be trusted to wield it, he chose the life of a Knight rather than scribe.

The next few years were spent as a squire to one of the Paladins, at which point he was officially made a knight. His passion for the Brotherhood and zeal for its ideology, as well as his combat effectiveness, made him a favorite among his superiors.

Years and many successful missions later, Hudson Walcroft was officially made a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, a rank he maintains to this day with pride. Since becoming a Paladin, Walcroft has served as a commanding officer to numerous squads. Due to his success, he was one of the Paladins to be selected to aid the Brotherhood in the Commonwealth against the evils of the Institute and their dreaded synths, a cause he is more than happy to lay down his life for.

Independent Individuals/Non-faction associated characters:


Faction map:


General Commonwealth Map with Locations:


Submitted Sheets

The Institute- Lt. Andronicus


Faction Name: The Institute



Location: Hidden underground somewhere below the old ruins of CIT. No known entrances to the Institute exist from the outside world.

Economy: The Institute is a self-contained and self-sufficient society. A veritable scientific utopia, which makes trade with surface-dwellers nearly non-existent. The Bioscience Department produces a number of nutritional supplements to fulfill the all of the Institute's dietary requirements. Meanwhile, water is drawn up from deep within the earth and purified using advanced water filtration techniques and is used for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and for aesthetic decoration. Likewise, advanced production facilities in the Institute manufacture nearly all of the material goods they require.

Whilst the Institute has the technology to provide for most of what they need, they can't conjure up matter out of thin air (unfortunately Dr. Orman has not yet been able to get around that annoying Law of Conservation of Mass: although damned if she won't try to) . Synth scavenger teams are regularly sent out on the surface to collect items and raw materials needed for The Institute's research down below. It is via these scav teams that the majority of Synth escapees attain freedom. Even if Synth Retention Bureau does its best to clear Synths who are flight-risks. Dr. Justin Ayo, current division head of the Synth Retention Bureau, believes the Institute may have a leak on the inside.

One of the largest pieces of production in the Institute is obviously the Synths, who's automated process in the Robotics Division is nearly able to manufacture a fully-formed Synth in a little over two minutes. A truly astounding, and terrifying, feat.

Culture: Scientific discovery, research, and achievement is the most important thing in the Institute, and the scientists and researchers which it cradles beneath its domed inner-walls are perhaps the most knowledgeable and skilled in the world. The Institute likes to present itself as a Utopia, and its pristine and astoundingly beautiful environment certainly gives credence to that idea.

Below the surface however, The Institute may not quite be the paradise they present themselves as. Perhaps the point of most contention is their 'enslavement' of the very much human-like Gen-3 Synths, whom the Institute views as little more than processed machines. Synths are regularly used for a variety of tasks in the Institute, and perform nearly all the menial work: freeing up the human scientists to devote themselves full-time to their work and studies, and whatever leisurely delights they happen to have.

The Institute hates and fears the outside surface world in equal measure, and most people in the Institute persist in the unknowingly ignorant belief that nearly all surface-dwellers are monsters and mutants and that life is nearly unsustainable up there. Some, such as those in the Synth Retention Bureau, likely know better: but if they do, they never bother to correct their colleagues. This has led to an unsurprisingly callous attitude when it comes to those above-ground, and The Institute regularly appears to involve the Commonwealth unwittingly in their experiments and research avenues. Perhaps not fully understanding the damage they are causing.

Despite the Institute's devotion to their work, they do still have time for leisurely pursuits, but occasionally these "leisurely pursuits" involve cross reference data, and reading reports: an apparent favorite pastime of some. Regardless of how one views them, the people of the Institute are humans: they raise families, they love, they laugh, they cry, and they sleep and eat.

Well that is....at least some of them do.


Administration and governance of The Institute is the job of The Directorate, a council of five of the Division Heads of The Institute, including The Director himself, the chief executive of The Institute and its overall leader, who has the power to override The Directorate on decision matters. The current members of The Directorate include:

Father: The Director, as well as Division Head of Robotics.

Dr. Madison Li: Division Head of Advanced Systems

Dr. Clayton Holdren: Division Head of Bioscience

Dr. Allie Filmore: Division Head of Facilities

Dr. Justin Ayo: Acting Division Head of The Synth Retention Bureau, standing in-place for the currently absent Dr. Zimmer

Each of the Divisions can be briefly summarized thusly:

Robotics- The production and development of humanoid Synths.

Bioscience- Hydrophonics and food production as well as biological research included genetically modified plants, non-human synth research, etc.

Advanced Systems- Research into breaking new scientific ground, weapons development and testing, energy maintenance and research. The a veritable elite "think tank" of the Institute in many respects.

Facilities- The unsung heroes. Conducts proper maintenance of all Institute spaces and machines, and ensures the people of the Institute have a safe, clean, and productive work and living environment.

The Synth Retention Bureau- Tasked with chasing down and securing runaway Synths, performing Synth reclamation and reprogramming, maintaining above-ground Institute Watchers (synth spies), intelligence gathering and anolysis, as well as control of The Institute's elite Synth troopers: The Coursers. Effectively the CIA of the Institute.

Military: The Institute has effectively no human soldiers, although some of the Institute's scientists do opt to choose for some sort of weapons handling training in their spare time: most don't, believing themselves safe and secure in their home and entirely relying on the Synths to do the grunt work of fighting in the trenches.

While the Triggermen of Goodneighbor may refer to them as "pencil-necked nerds" the military power of the Institute is rather considerable. Able to field a significant army of Synths armed with http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Institute_rifle that could potentially rival The Brotherhood. Currently, the majority of Institute military forces are made up of the older http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/c/cb/FO4_Synth_Loading_Screen.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151111114135, and http://falloutforge.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/fallout-4-concept-art-synth-generation.jpg, with most of the Gen-3 Synths either acting as infiltrators, or workers. However, with Gen-3 production continuing on-schedule, more and more of the older Synth units are being cycled out of duty.

Standard institute synth armor for both Gen-2's and Gen-3's alike consists ofhttp://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/c/c3/Instyarmors.png/revision/latest?cb=20151118204804 usually worn over a crisp white uniform. Whereas the skeletal Gen-1 synths usually lack any sort of armor plating at all.

Perhaps the most powerful instrument of war the Institute has at its disposal are the feared Coursers, such as https://cdn1.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/DCM-gfp9UqIukmYIBIAoU3G_NpA=/0x0:1920x1080/1280x720/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/47689845/Institute_Quest_1A.0.0.jpg, which are Gen-3 Synths which have been specially selected entirely for combat roles, and are trained in a number of hand-to-hand and ranged fighting techniques. They are essentially designed for one purpose and one only: to be elite killing machines.

Brief History: Before the War, The Institute was known as The Commonwealth Institute of Technology, and was one of the leading universities and scientific research centers in the pre-war United States, with such venerable alumni as Mr. Robert Edwin House, founder and CEO of Robco Industries.

When The Great War began on October 23, 2077, many scientists, students, and staff of the college took shelter below the College. Gradually, they began to dig further and further into the earth, excavating rooms and spaces in order to form a protective environment to live in. In 2110, The Institute was officially formed as it currently is. One of the leading fields of research pursued by the scientists in this haven was in advanced robotics, producing the first and second generation synths, crowning achievements to be sure: but by 2170, the Institute had come to desire an even better synth. They soon began pursuing various research avenues in order to develop these ideal synths, but it wasn't until nearly 2227 that they made their first break-through, by utilizing human DNA to literally create synthetic organic flesh. Thus the Gen-3 Synths were born.

Now more than 200 years after the bombs, The Institute has become a highly secretive, highly advanced, and highly feared society. The Commonwealth persists in believing them "boogeymen," striking out of nowhere to kidnap or replace their friends and loved ones, and conducting sinister experiments in the shadows.

However, The Institute is also a place of great progress and scientific discovery: and full of like-minded individuals devoted to research. Their motto is "Mankind redefined" a catchy, and fitting mantra for them. By and large The Institute's biggest concern is to be left alone, and they are currently working on a secret project in order to ensure that long after the surface world falls into ruin: they will remain.

Diamond City- Vatrou


Faction Name: Diamond City

Population (rough estimate, no hard numbers): Maybe 400 people, more coming and going on average. DC is a major trading hub and the safest city in the Commonwealth so let me know if the numbers seem low.

Location: Fenway Park

Economy (exports and imports etc.): Anything and everything in the Commonwealth at one time or another passes through Diamond City, some of our citizens have reputable establishments catering to the more lethal or exoctic among them. If you’re lucky you can even buy a Power Armor frame now and then. Most notable to our economy is our Power Noodles which can only be bought fresh in Diamond City, anywhere else and they’re pathetically soggy.

Culture: Here at Diamond City we take great pride in the Wall. The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth. It’s no surprise that anything related to the Wall has become a part of our local culture and while many facets of baseball have been lost over time we retain what makes this city so great.

Government: Democratic

Military: We may not have the Powered Armored Soldiers of the Great War, but with the Wall we don’t have too. Many of Diamond Security’s finest are all decked out in our own unique guard armors. From simple padded chest pieces to hardened helmets our boys in blue are ready and willing to tackle any danger that the Commonwealth may throw at us.

But you’re likely wondering what ranks our security force utilize to delegate responsibility and ability. Well then starting from the lowest we have Batboys, these are the initiates those just joining our famed city as it’s newest protectors. They will be drilled the basics until they are given armor and issued weapons.

From there they rise to Baseman where after each rank upwards to three they then become Pitchers. Pitchers will patrol the outer wall, ensuring that it is well maintained and secured, should they notice any defects in the wall, heaven forbid they’ll inform our maintenance staff.

From there they become Catchers and are often tasked with more dangerous missions to ensure the safety of Diamond City such as attacking any raiders that hold up within our territory or secure valuable supplies when necessary. Mostly they keep the trade routes safe for merchants.

Those reaching the highest rank of Umpire oversee all. They are our Police Chiefs and authorize missions and delegate duties as he or she sees fit.


Diamond City was founded in the 2130's in Fenway Park, and quickly established itself as a safe haven for settlers of the Commonwealth, thanks to what its residents affectionately referred to as "the Wall". Later decades saw Diamond City grow into the Commonwealth's largest and most prosperous community, as well as a degree of social stratification. Wealthier residents came to live in homes in the settlement's exclusive Upper Stands, overlooking the Lower Field where everyone else strove to make a living.

In 2180, the Commonwealth Minutemen defended the city from an attacking group of Super mutants. This caused the faction's eventual rise to fame.

An incident known as the "Broken Mask" occurred in 2229, when a man calling himself Mr. Carter arrived. At first, the people of the city warmed to Mr. Carter, but while he was drinking at the bar that occupied the center of Diamond City's marketplace, he went berserk and killed several residents. When security personnel killed Mr. Carter, they discovered he was a Synth created by the Institute. From that moment on, the people of Diamond City lived in fear that they would be covertly replaced by Synths, though such talk was discouraged and ridiculed by the city's leadership. Even so, a number of people began inexplicably disappearing from the city over the following years, a disturbing trend that no one wished to acknowledge.

In 2272, the protectron Takahashi took up residence in the marketplace's old bar and opened Power Noodles, a restaurant that became a staple of Diamond City culture.

By 2282, Diamond City's mayor was McDonough. In that year, he controversially decreed the expulsion of all ghouls from the city. Some ghouls relocated to Goodneighbor, and continued to bear a grudge against both Mayor McDonough and the inhabitants of Diamond City in general, who did little to reverse the decree.

By 2287, some residents came to believe McDonough had been replaced by a Synth, a suspicion exacerbated by Piper, her sister Nat, and their newspaper Publick Occurrences.

Now less than two weeks have passed since Mayor McDonough has been revealed as a Synth. The City will hold its latest election. Those running candidates are..

Geneva. The former secretary.

Takahashi.. Removed as Candidate. Note don’t let the Bobrov brothers near the voting stands, who knows who’ll they’ll appoint next as a joke.

Pastor Clements

Clayton Bishop

The Brotherhood of Steel- TheLoneRanger


Faction Name: The Brotherhood of Steel

Location: Cambridge Police Station, Boston Airport

Economy: The Brotherhood, recognizing its need for a steady flow of caps, has started to trade scrap. Spare parts, armor, and conventional weaponry. What recon teams bring in is cataloged, and if it isn't defined as high-technology, it is made available to wastelanders. Maxson has deigned to grit his teeth and make his peace in dealing with outsiders, realizing that he must have caps in his coffers if he is to lead his people to victory in the Commonwealth.

Culture: The Brotherhood is a pseudo-knightly military order, possessing a branch of fighters and a branch of scientific minds. Under Maxson, the Brotherhood has continued the practice of recruiting outsiders, with the institution of a new rule. Each outsider that is to be accepted into the order must be sponsored by a senior member. This has aided in doing away with the undisciplined, trigger-happy rabble that Owyn Lyons drew into the fold. However, once one becomes a member, they gain a family for life. The order is extremely tight-knit.

Government: There is a very strict hierarchy within the Brotherhood, one that has remained mostly intact despite being more than two centuries old. At the top sits the Elder, in this case, Arthur Maxson, descendant of Rodger Maxson, founder of the order. The Elder wields absolute power and is the leader of his chapter, having the trust of his people at his back. From there, the military, flight, and science sectors are led by Paladins, Lancer-Captains, and Proctors respectively.

Military: The Brotherhood, collectively, has been one of the most powerful military forces to spring up after the Old World was scorched by atomic fire. They employ high-tech weaponry and Power Armor, backed by a contingent of Vertibirds to stamp out their enemies and further their goals. Among the ranks are Aspirants, Knights, Lancer-Knights, Paladins, along a long chain leading up to the Sentinel, second only to the Elder. Wastelanders are accepted into these illustrious ranks to be molded into some of the finest warriors in the wasteland.

Brief History: The tale of Arthur Maxson's Brotherhood began when he was but a young Squire to one Sarah Lyons, during the Enclave War of 2277. Owyn, Sarah's father, was contending with the devil-armored Enclave in a battle for the DC Wasteland and the Purifier. For once in their storied existence, the Brotherhood had the inferior technology and the battles were not without heavy cost. It took the acquisition of Madison Li to aid in the revival of the prewar robot called Liberty Prime for the Brotherhood to finally turn the tide. Using Prime, they fought the Enclave back to their headquarters and beyond, hunting relentlessly.

The Brotherhood prevailed and assimilated the Enclave technology into their arsenal, gaining their own fleet of Vertibirds and even more advanced weaponry. However, years passed and both Lyons and his daughter died, leaving the future of the chapter in jeopardy. A young Arthur Maxson stepped up, appointed Elder at the age of 16, the youngest ever. Fitting, for one of the Maxson line. He led the Brotherhood, melding the practice of recruiting locally as Owyn Lyons did and the traditional tendencies of the true Brotherhood, seizing advanced technology as seen fit by the Codex.

In the Commonwealth, a scant few scout expeditions have been led, each ending disastrously. However, one team has managed a small presence. The squad headed by one Paladin Danse has been successful in maintaining their position at Cambridge Police Station. Kept appraised of their dire straits, Maxson has fielded perhaps the largest offensive in the history of his people, ordering his airborne leviathan, the Prydwen, and a cadre of Vertibirds to the Commonwealth. Backed by a veritable army and air superiority, Maxson is hellbent on rooting out the Institute and annihilating them, and their abominations. He will not rest until the Institute lays a smoldering ruin, wherever they may hide.

Abbey of the Road- Jozgar



The Abbey itself is located in upstate New York, but one of their missions is just entering the Commonwealth, and they will be the subject of this RP. This group initially sets up shop at the Lonely Chapel, in the far west of the Commonwealth.

Economy (exports and imports etc.):

The Abbey itself survived off of growing crops and trading goods with surrounding settlements through proxy. The mission to the Commonwealth was sent with plenty of supplies, but, being far from home, will have to find a way to replenish, or die a slow death.


Very religious and highly intellectual. The Abbey is one the most educated places in the wasteland that isn’t completely isolationist. Notice the “completely”: The Abbey is rather isolated and distant from the rest of society. Much of the inhabitants, both clergy and laity, are somewhat overly cautious and ignorant of the outside world. Those with experience are mainly missionaries (such as Marcella from Point Lookout), and spend most of their time away from the abbey itself. That said, education typically includes all the basics: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Theology- quite the step up from your average wastelander. In short, the Abbey’s members are “book smart” but not very “street smart”.

The Abbey is not the domain solely of clergy, and is home to a couple hundred lay men and women. Some came to the Abbey, but most were born there, descendants of early survivor groups who stumbled upon the structure shortly after the Great War.

The Abbey is not a single building but a full community, though the old structure remains the center of the community. Its isolation deep in the woods of upstate New York keeps it safe, but, again, leaves the inhabitants largely innocent of the outside world, as well as making them generally poor warriors due to a lack of need for soldiers.

All of these factors carry over to the Commonwealth mission, which is composed of a priest, several doctor “hospitallers”, and about a dozen “Knight Hospitallers”, who’s duty is to protect the non-combatants, though there effectiveness is lessened by the “knights” really being greens and the whole group being somewhat naive with regards to the dangers and attitudes of the Wasteland.


The head of the Abbey is the Abbot (or Abbess), though the laity largely govern themselves through a council. The Abbot wields veto power, however.

On the expedition, the mission to the Commonwealth is technically headed by a ghoul named Father Ethan, the priest of the expedition. However, there are some tensions between him and the head doctor Kateri Lis and the head knight Maria Diaz.


The Knights Hospitaller are given basic training, enough to survive in a fight and protect missionaries and doctors (Unlike their namesake, they are not a monastic order but a lay one). Their original job was warding raiders away from a twenty-mile radius around the Abbey, to help maintain its secrecy. They do not have even the combat experience of your average raider. In addition, their equipment is very low-tech; mainly relegated to hunting rifles and shotguns with leather armor at best. The mission to the Commonwealth also suffers from a severe lack of manpower; there are only a dozen knights who must focus on protecting the non-combatants.

However, one thing the knights do not lack for is fighting spirit. They fight with a zeal and determination that few in the wasteland can match.


The Abbey was originally a Catholic monastery located in upstate New York, but its original name is long forgotten. Its remote location allowed it to escape the blast and the raider gangs. This is not to say it was never found. A few years after the bombs fell, a group of a several dozen survivors stumbled upon the Abbey. The monks, tired of their isolation, let the group in, and this formed the basis of the lay population of the Abbey today.

Over time, a town grew up around the Abbey, and the Monks were able to use their knowledge to grow un-irradiated food inside the buildings, mainly using offspring of pre-war supplies of vegetables. Eventually, farmland growing native wasteland plants sprung up when this was exhausted.

The community was self-sufficient, small, and isolated. And this way it lived for a hundred years. But in the 2180s, the Abbot decided it was time to re-evangelize the wastes, and sent out missionaries across the Eastern Seaboard. These missionaries were forbidden from sharing the location of the Abbey for fear of drawing hostile forces to the area. They met with mixed success on their missions, individuals and groups across the region were brought to the faith. However, many of the missionaries also just ended up dead.

After another hundred years of this half-baked effort, one of the Abbey’s most experienced missionaries, Marcella, was slain in Maryland in 2278. After several years of her not returning, she was pronounced dead (the residents having no way of knowing her true fate), and controversy erupted in the Abbey. It was decided that single missionaries were no longer good enough, and that a solid mission of several people, rather than just one, was needed. This mission would include doctors, a priest, and several knights.

In 2287, the mission set out for the Commonwealth…

The Scorned- Tundrafrog


Faction Name: The Scorned

Location: Libertalia, a flotilla of ships, rafts, platforms covered by a makeshift town of scrap and ship parts.

Economy: The rugged inhabitants of Libertalia live a double life, when they desire loot they take to their boats and pillage the coast. In between raids they fish, shrimp, gather and hunt. The Scorned themselves usually subsist on raiding and taxing the farmers for food, though they have increasingly become more involved in the activity of fishing themselves over the years.


- Fish

- Frogs

- Mire lurk (meat, egg, shell, etc)

- Dolphin (rare & expensive)

- Oysters, clams, and mussels

- Shrimp

- Salt


- Leather

- Fur

- Milk

- Fruit & vegetables

- Guns & bullets

- Beef (expensive)

- Wood

- Brahmin dung (for fuel)

Businesses within the city:

- Rising Sun (Gambling house & brothel)

- Treasures & Trophies (General Supply)

- Fish market / Bazaar

- Drowned Man’s Drink (Tavern & inn)

Culture: Libertalia is a ‘Free City’ meaning it is open to anyone who has the guile and strength to carve out a living there. The wastelanders that do settle there are an unforgiving and ungentle people. Though individual prejudices are present, the common law favors no one in particular. The Scorned have run Libertalia for the last decade and in doing so greatly shaped the identity of the town.

The Scorned themselves are a raider clan based on the idea that each of its members has been rejected, wronged, abused, and disrespected or in another way victimized. The Scorned see themselves as vengeful spirits made flesh and dedicate their lives to ‘Righting the Wrongs’ of others. Because of this ingrained belief the Scorned are infamous for their cruelty and brutality. Often taking out their angers and frustrations against their victims in grotesque ways.

Initiates to the Scorned must pass several trials in order to become full members. They must first shave their head, relinquish all their belongings and cease all contact with anyone and anything from their former lives. After this comes a trial of combat and endurance, here the initiates are forced to engage in hand to hand combat with mirelurks. The last trial is one of will power and dedication, to prove they are able to handle life among raiders the initiates must bring a child back to the clan. The younger the better, if anyone in the family resists, the initiates are ordered to take their hands as well. Once these trials are complete the initiates endure the final one the ‘Feast of Flesh’ and are afterward considered reborn as spirits of vengeance.

For these reasons, along with the brutal and deadly life of living on the sea, the Scorned are composed of some of the most ruthless, cunning and resourceful men and women of the wasteland. All of them willingly pledging their lives to the clan, seeking whatever pleasure and fortune they can rip form others.

Government: Scorned follow a central leader, known as a Captain, with a small body of advisors, they elect this leader every five years, though any Captain can be replaced at any time through an issue of a challenge. By ‘challenging’ a leader the accuser calls upon them to engage in single combat. Captains cannot refuse any challenge issued to them, whether by their own or by outsiders, doing so immediately forfeits all authority and holding’s that Captain had. The winner of this trial of combat is crowned the Captain.

The advisors to the Captain are made up of the most veteran and senior members of the Scorned. Usually Violators or former Captains themselves, they consul the current Captain through their decisions and draw upon their experience to guide them in the right direction.


Libertalia has a small fishermen’s militia, which is neither well-armed nor trained. The merchants of its shops and the various small raider clans and lone mercs that call the town home are more concerned with themselves then the settlement at large. They are driven by a desire for loot, and a fear of death. They will not fight when the losses outweigh the gains.

The fighting forces of the Scorned are divided into four different units, they also act as a rudimentary franking system for the raider army.

At the lowest rung are initiates, typically lightly armed and armored, the initiates make up for their lack of experiences, skill and equipment with pure savage zeal in combat. Eager are they to prove themselves to the Scorned and join their exalted ranks.

The ‘Corsairs’ or ‘Reavers’ are next, this is the vast majority of the clan and all fully fledged members answer to those names. Armed with whatever weapons and armor the Scorned are able to seize and buy for themselves, they are skilled and effective fighters, far superior to the average wasteland raider. While not off looting the corsairs spend their time hunting mirelurk and other dangerous game.

Depending on an initiate’s performance during the trials and the ‘Feast of Flesh’ they may be selected for the feared ‘Violators’. The Violator are a small, elite cadre of warriors within the Scorned, totally and utterly dedicated to combat. They are true sadists and revel in causing pain and spilling the blood of any and all who stand before them. The Violators are also extremely prideful and vain of their looks, each working diligently to ensure that retain their ‘beauty’. Many have long hair kept as clean as possible, often pulled up into topknots in battle and shaved on certain sides and patterns. Clad in polished armor, tight banded leather clothing and high black boots they wield the finest weapons available to the Scorned. Their signature weapon being the dart-thrower, a compact semi-automatic bow-gun that can be fired with either one or two hands. Like their blades their darts are coated in poisons and toxins

The Exonerated are those members of the Scorned that were able to ‘Right their Wrong’. Typically this means they killed the person or people who were responsible for driving them to join the Scorned. The Exonerated are highly respected among the Scorned and for this reason often have the pick of the best gear.

The backbone of the Scorned is its fleet of ships and canoes. Most of them are small rowboats or canoes used for fishing and raiding by small bands of raiders. The transport for most reavers to and from the coast is by way of slave-galley. These are sail boats that have been gutted, had their masses removed stuffed with a crew of oar slaves. These galley slaves are typically the strongest of those taken on slaving raids. Chained at the ankle and wrist to both the oar and the ship, the slaves are ‘encouraged’ to row fast and hard.

The flagship of the fleet however is the steamship, taken from a southern trader during a hijacking, it has been refitted and refurbished to better aid the Scorned in war. This includes added armor, gangways to be dropped on nearby docks or ships, a two mounted flamers and a second set of stairs.


History: Libertalia began as little more than a small cluster of fishing boats and platforms that raiders used as a staging ground to launch raids on to the coast and the interior. This persisted over several decades, and through the reign of multiple raider warlords the structure became larger and more complex. Wealth that was stolen was usually squandered on consumables, such as drugs and bullets but some raider chiefs invested in the structure itself. With its growing size, wealth and strength other clans flocked to the growing raider town. At this time it became a haven for sin and excess, with a massive number of bandits living there, the raids increased in both number and savagery over time.

That was until roughly decade ago when a steamboat and a small fleet of canoes and row boats arrived from the south. It was the Scorned, a raider clan hailing from the south near the Chesapeake Bay area. After a week long siege the Scorned were able to infiltrate Libertalia’s defenses and seize the town. They butchered most of the inhabitants and enslaved the rest, they impaled dozens them alive in the coming weeks on the wrecks near the town and the coastline. After this the Scorned set about improving what they could in the flotilla, then went about using their new base to raid the coast. With the secure location of Libertalia the Scorned were unassailable by any without a boat, and any raiders that came to dislodge them found the small town practically a fortress.

Over the years as the wealth and size of Libertalia grew, small raider clans and bands of wastelanders headed out to make what life they could there. In that time the Scorned have become accustomed to their role as rulers. Though they still launch raids against the coast, they have begun trade and relations with other settlements and factions within the wasteland.

Goodneighbor- MrSmileySmile



East by North East of Diamond City, just about dead North East of the Combat Zone. Goodneighbor exists in what was once known as Scollay Square. If you're exploring the central Commonwealth and your geiger meter starts jumping you're probably near the Mass Fusion building, and you should probably head south east quick. You'll run into Goodneighbor and you won't die from radiation poisoning to boot. It's a win win. If that radiation turns you into a ghoulie you go right on ahead and just keep heading south east, you're welcome in Goodneighbor just the same.


Goodneighbor is a hub second in the Commonwealth only to Diamond City. Whatever it is you're looking for you can probably find it here, but it is going to cost you. Warehouses full of goods and a front square with a living weapon that sells weapons. Just don't tell KL-E-O I said that. For your more run of the mill tastes there's Daisy's General Store right next door, for your more developed tastes you're going to have to do some digging of your own. Just be careful. Goodneighbor is a safe place to live for those who know not to stick their nose where it don't belong.


Goodneighbor was founded by criminals exiled from Diamond City. Now I know what you're thinking, but consider this. They didn't go join some Raider gang. They didn't hook up with the Gunners. Our forefathers set up here in Goodneighbor, and when Diamond City decided they were too good for the ghoulies we took them in with open arms. We might be a little rough around the edges, **** it we pride ourselves on being a little bit rough around the edges, but you won't get thrown out for not looking quite right around here. Goodneighbor is a place for those that don't fit in anywhere else. So long as you keep your hands to yourself you should do just fine, but if someone's really pushing your buttons. It is what it is, ain't no one going to look at you funny for taking care of business.

Government: Democratic


Goodneighbor never exactly had a military. Most of us are refugees for one reason or another, so we stick together. Yeah, if you start trouble with someone in Goodnieghbor and have a decent reason you might just get 86'd on out the door, if that, ...but you start trouble for no good reason at all, or you just open fire, or you come in trying to take one of us by force. Well you'll be looking down an awful lot of barrels awfully quick, and word around town is KL-E-O will replace the ammo we spend gratis. Maybe you think you're tough though. Just bare in mind, whatever you may think of them, the Triggermen do a lot of their business here and if there's one thing those boys don't like it's people messing about with their business.


Like I said, Goodneighbor was founded by a group of criminals exiled from Diamond City, that emerald eyesore, in the year 2240. Mayor McDonough can svck it, just for posterity in this here historical document. For a long time Goodneighbor was run by a mob boss, Vic. Vic was a **** and he wasn't no Mayor. Vic was a corrupt ruthless low life piece of **** who liked to get his jollies watching his boys kill defenseless drifters on the streets. Sick ****. One day he ****ed around and let one of his henchmen kill a friend of mine, for no good reason, right in front of me. I'm ashamed to say I did junk until I blacked out that day but the next morning I was reborn; it wasn't too long after that that Goodneighbor was reborn as well.

We took that slimy bottom feeding no good...we killed that ****. I gathered the people of Goodneighbor behind me and we took the whole ****ing city back. Of the people, for the people, you're god damned right it is. Everyone's welcome.

The 75th Dominion- Casey


Location: Vault 75, Malden Middle School, Med Tek Research,
Economy (exports and imports etc.): The 75th's Economy up until this point had been quite self sufficient, however, due to their presence being made clear on the surface, the 75th has begun initiating trade with those that come in contact with their newly claimed territories.

Culture: Their culture relies heavily on science due to the fact that they started as a science experiment, however, they also are heavily influenced by records of Pre-War america and attempt to follow their culture.

Government: The political branch of the factions is led by the High Overseer, he conducts the civilian side of the 75th and maintains and controls all actions conducted by civilians, he controls what experiments are undergone and permited or denies trade with certain traders. He is highly respected and idolized by the Military and many among the military would follow his orders despite him not being directly in charge of the military. He is also advised by a council of overseers from each branch of the 75th.

Military: The military is lead by Ulysses S. Grant the only child of John Grant who lead the rebellion years ago. The military consists of well trained soldiers armed with various plasma weaponry which had been semi-mass produced as a result of the years after the Vaults rebellion. Each soldier is outfitted with Vault guard gear. Their ranks are based upon their times serving and are under the control of the Vaults Arbiter. Their ranks consist of Arbiter, and then follow the pre-wars military ranking system. The military while quite independent from the vault, follow and highly respect the orders of the High Overseer.

History: When the bombs dropped, few survived, however out of those few that survived; many suffered an even worse fate through the actions of Vault-Tec. A social experiment conducted on residents of the United States in an effort to test the resolve of people in different atrocious and horrifying conditions. Out of these experiments, a Vault 75 stood as one of the worst examples of humanity; it was created with the purpose of enhancing the gene pool of its selected residences to create stronger and more intelligent subjects. It consisted of children whom were tested mentally and physically as part of the experiment. The children were raised learning about the horrors of "Uptopland," a nickname for the wasteland, and were told that they would be strong enough to venture out into the wastes and help the suffering people upon graduation. If they were intelligent and physically well built, they were either "harvested" for their good genes when they turned 18 or those with good intelligence and obedience were recruited to the vaults science team after graduation. The others were disposed of. The others who were deemed insufficient to the vault's standards were killed upon reaching the age of 18 prior to graduation. In the year 2247, this horrific act was finally challenged by the kids whom through the assistance of one of the graduates of these experiments were notified of what was actually going on. The children, only up to the age of 18 joined together in an effort to turn the tides and end this Vault experiment once and for all. Due to the years of gene optimization, almost every kid was extremely athletic and intelligent. They all exhibited the skills to overtake the vault and within a year of planning, they staged an attack. The children of the vault created high powered explosives through different supplies and materials they were given in order to test the intelligence of the children. With these explosions they planted them strategically in order to provide the perfect surprise attack upon the unknowing scientists performing these experiments. When the explosions were finally detonated, a 17 year old by the name Johnathon Grant lead the rebellion, they first targeted the guards of which there were only a limited number as they had cut down on guards due to the lack of necessity for them. Once they were overwhelmed, John Grant had the rest captured until a sufficient conclusion could be met. Which lead ultimately to their deaths being ordered by Grant. They were once the ones experimented upon, but they sealed their fate when they chose to continue the experiments put in place on themselves. Grant ordered them to be the first to leave the vault and when they deemed the outside safe, he had them all shot for their treacheries. They then reentered the vault and sealed it indefinitely until they deemed their presence needed to be made known. Within the next 38 years, the vault spent it’s time advancing medical technologies and weaponry, which with their superior intelligence proved quite easy. However, after 39 years had passed, John Grant decided it was time to make their move on the wasteland and open up to it. His son, Ulysses S. Grant led the expedition and took control of Vault 35’s surrounding area, and also took up point on establishing trade. Within the next year they are making themselves known as a powerful force while still remaining off the radar of many of the wastelanders.

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Submitted Sheets Continued:

New Olney Republic: Colonel Martyr


Location: Fort Strong (Military foothold on the mainland), Nahant Island (Base of governance/settlement), Warwick Homestead (Crops and fishing base for Mirelurk hunting)

Economy (exports and imports etc.): Fishing, Mercenary outsourcing, crop growth and salvage trading.

Culture: A mesh of Wasteland pragmatism, Pre-War structure and military discipline.

Government: Internally democratic, but deals with outsiders through their military as a bullwark against raiders.

Military: Dressed in Pre-War combat armour, Old World assault rifles and using Pre-War uniforms, their military consider themselves above the 'Wasteland rabble' and see many outsiders as poorly controlled and ignorant of progressive world views. They have a no-nonsense policy towards outsiders and shoot to kill any outsider who refuses to vacate Olney controlled interests.

History: Originally founded in the D.C. wasteland, the Olney Commonwealth was founded in the ruins of Old Olney and retooled as a Pre-War beacon. But between deranged leadership and civil war, the Olney people were left destitute as they fled south, repairing Pre-War boats in the Potomac River and sailing on to find new horizons. Led by the last 'founding father' of Olney's legacy, Simon Chang, they unrealisingly sailed as far as Boston, settling down to make a new life on the island of Nahant and Fort Strong and continued putting up outposts on the coasts in favour of their interests. The Olney Republic keeps exclusively to the coasts and relies heavily on their fishing of Mirelurk and crop growth from Warwick to feed their people. The Olney military are known for their straight face to outsiders and willingness to help if asked. They hold the old dream of 'spreading American glory' on the soil, but in truth they are constantly struggling and wear rigid masks to outsiders to hide the truth that they're fighting to survive despite the progress they've made since the fall of Olney. Their capital of Nahant (Or "New Olney, as they have pushed hard to have it known as) is where civilians not working the farms or fishing boats seized from the Libertalia raiders reside. Olney is mostly seen by outsiders as a struggling wannabe power that is better known as a good source of delicious mirelurk meat and treated fish meats or crops but play along around Olney residents just to humour them and keep the peace. Beyond ownership of Fort Strong their presence as a military are better known as 'Olney Mercs' for their habit of taking up jobs for cash. They're good at what they do and it's respected, but their military is far too small to be deemed a plausible threat to the Commonwealth.

The Forged- Aldin_Kiris


The Forged

Location: Saugus Ironworks

Economy (exports and imports etc.): As raiders, the Forged rely on raiding and pillaging local settlements and passing caravans for their needs, as well as occasionally offering "protection" to other local settlements in exchange for goods and caps. Also, and while they must deem the recipient worthy of trade with them, they do occasionally trade various metalworks created in Saugus.

Culture: The Forged are like many other raider groups inasmuch as they have a very low tolerance for any form of weakness, a penchant for murder, and a general love of all things violent, cruel, and otherwise inhumane. The Forged operate like many other raiders: they take what they want when they want it, and all who get in their way are to either be made an example of or taken in to be tested for recruitment purposes.

The Forged differ from the average raider in a few ways however. The most striking is their love of the flame, fire being a key point in their society. This concept comes from the forges of Saugus Ironworks itself. Through the flames of Saugus, the Forged are tested and tempered into what they are. From the charred corpses of fallen enemies and failed recruits that decorate the area in and around Saugus to their very weapons and armor, fire is in some way related to nigh everything they do.

Another way they differ from the average raider group is their strict recruitment method. These trials are forced upon all new recruits, willing or not, and failure almost always means certain death, for the recruit as well as their families.The trials also have some unique aspects to them, such as all Forged recruits are required to give up their birth name for one picked by their superior, failure to accept this results in the pouring of molten iron into the offender's mouth. Passing such trials results in indoctrination into the Forged, no longer as who you were before, but something stronger, more resilient, and altogether much more brutal.

Government: The Forged, like other raider groups, have a hierarchy based on power and cruelty: Those who withstand the test of the flames and show they are as resilient as iron are granted positions of power over others. Those who do not are expected to fall in line or face the wrath of the flames that forged them.

As the Forged are based on the concept that the strong and brutal excel while the rest either fall in line or die, power often changes hands. However, there is an exception to the rule, the cruelest and most maniacal among them as well as the leader and founder of the Forged, a man named Slag. Brutal, deranged, and completely devoid of any concept of mercy or sympathy, Slag is obeyed without question on pain of not only a slow, agonizing death, but the same fate for any loved ones as well.

Military: What the Forged lack in quantity they make up for in quality. All members of the Forged are hardened killers, each having gone through the brutal trials put in place by Slag as a rite of passage. Nearly all in the Forged have seen combat in one form or another, and it isn't at all uncommon for them to skirmish with nearby forces, be it other raiders, Super Mutants, or some other form of hostile.

Being the occupants of Saugus Ironworks, the Forged are in a unique position in regards to equipment. Almost all of their metal armor and gear is constructed by the forges of Saugus itself instead of being made from scrap and the like, giving them a much more uniform appearance as well as more protection than standard metal armor. Another hallmark of the Forged is their employment of various types of flamers and other fire-based equipment such as molotov cocktails. Other armaments include things such a various pipe rifles, hunting rifles, and a few combat and assault rifles.

History: The history of the Forged starts with the the founder himself, Slag. Originally from outside the Commonwealth, Slag came to the ruins of Boston with dreams of starting up a gang the likes of which the Commonwealth had yet to see. Settling in Saugus Ironworks, Slag started to make his dreams a reality. Taking inspiration from the forges around him, Slag began to form a gang of toughened killers, forcing each and every recruit to go through brutal trials based around the forge itself.

The result were a group of individuals who had whatever amount of goodness and mercy that was inside them quite literally burned out, soon becoming a scourge upon the area around them. They took what they wanted, took whoever they wanted, and burned the rest. Those they took were forced to undergo the same trials and transformation, or die trying.

While this brutal method of recruiting only the absolute best was working well in the short term, Slag realized that it wouldn't suffice if he had any hope of achieving his goals of grandeur, and they simply needed more bodies. As not many survived the trials, due to most recruits being simple farming folk originally, this was an issue. So, in an attempt to start gaining new recruits while simultaneously making a name for themselves, Slag organized an attack against one of the more powerful factions in the area, the Gunners.

The battle was long and brutal, but the Forged had emerged victorious. Word of their victory spread rapidly, and the Forged began to increase their numbers.

In the present time, the Forged have solidified themselves in the region, making Saugus Ironworks into a sort of makeshift stronghold with scrap walls and the like, eagerly awaiting the next victim who is unfortunate enough to step into their neck of the woods.

The Railroad- Agrona


Faction Name: The Railroad

Here is where I got a lot of my information from http://fallout.gamepedia.com/The_Railroad


Location: (It's secret though and no other faction should know about it) Old North Church Catacombs and various Safe Houses across Boston

Economy (exports and imports etc.): The Railroad relies on their connections above ground to keep them supplied with food, water, ammo, weapons. They do not concern themselves with monetary values and only use what they need. It’s a non-profit organization if you will.

If something specific is needed to further their cause, they will contact a middleman on the surface, who will then procure the item. Several members of the Railroad are well endowed and are eager to help out when and where needed, be it via caps or services.

Culture: Humanitarians (or Synthitarians?), selfless, helpful with a giving nature. The Railroad is a group of people that put their own needs aside and help Synth that have become self-aware and are running from the Institute. The group fights against injustice and for equality of Synth, who they feel are treated like slaves and mere property by the Institute.

The Railroad stands by the doctrine that, even as machines, self-aware androids look, behave, think and feel as humans do, entitling them to the freedom intrinsically enjoyed by human beings as well as emancipation from their owners. The Railroad also occasionally assists human slaves when able, although they cite that there are many other abolitionist groups specifically focused on slaves, but no other group can aid with the unique challenges of concealing androids.

Government: The Railroad is constructed like a pyramid, with the base composed of informants and sympathizers (referred to as tourists), above which stand runners and safe house owners, then an even smaller group of field agents, and finally, the most secretive and heavily protected headquarters crew that has access to all the information and coordinates Railroad operations. As the organization practices strict compartmentalization of knowledge, information is issued on a need-to-know basis, with its members and cells operating in isolation from each other, following lessons learned in 2266.

The leader will be voted in via an election.

Military: There is no standing military. Every member carries a gun, but they will have to arm themselves. However, they try to avoid confrontations at all cost, and conduct operations in the shadows. Secrecy is the key to a successful operation.

History: The Underground Railroad is as old as time itself. It has been part of Boston’s history for centuries, only now, it has taken on a new mission, but the sentiment is still the same – help escaped slaves on the road to freedom. Only now, the slaves are Synths.

The Railroad, under various leaderships, since 2066, had seen many attacks, some of which almost wiped them out completely. They learned that, if they want to survive another Institute raid, they would have to change how they operate.

Desdemona was elected as the leader in 2277 and she immediately began work on improving the operational security through counter-intelligence, reconnaissance and restricted flow of information. She also improved the response time for Synth recovery. Her changes paid off and the organization saw some growth by 2279. New techniques were implemented, like Railmarks and Dead Drop locations.

It was also the year when they added Tinker Tom, who would become a valuable asset to the organization and Desdemona also added Glory as a field agent. 2280 ended on a high note, with two rescued escapes and no losses.

However, the Institute hit the Railroad’s HQ in full force in 2281. The lookouts had only 30 seconds to warn everyone. Fortunately though, casualties where light and the biggest gain of the year was the discovery of the Switchboard, an old facility that housed P.A.M. The predictive anolysis machine impressed Desdemona and so PAM became a vital part of the organization.

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough came in 2283, as the Railroad discovered that they had an ally on the inside. Codenamed Patriot, he first came to the fore after a synth escapee arrived in Diamond City with a map, instructions, and a coded holotape in tow. Intercepted by Old Man Stockton, she was the first of five Synths; all with care packages and codes. This resulted in an expansion of their operations.

By 2284, the coded holotapes were finally decoded by Tinker Tom, and were revealed to contain two words: Mass Fusion. The expansion of the Railroad's operations resulted in eight escapees with just one loss and one reclamation. The Railroad also began trying to discover the location of The Institute in earnest, but found it impossible to do for a variety of factors - the most important being that the organization has no records of its existence prior to 2266 and Wyatt assuming control. While the HQ was compromised again in 2285, the Railroad persisted. They relocated to the Old North Church and continued rescuing synths, managing to save nine, with two lost to lynch mobs and one reclaimed by the Institute. The good streak persisted into 2287, with Institute sightings completely ceasing for over a year.

East Side Gang- Tiberius67


Faction Name: East Side Gang (Triggermen)

Location: Easy City (known as East Boston pre-war), Gang HQ is at the Easy City Downs Racetrack but the gang firmly controls the area and are operating a brewery and a distillery from a well protected compound in a old industrial park in the city.

Economy (exports and imports etc.):


Alcohol (beer, whisky and bourbon of good quality by post-war standards) in wholesale quantities

Other Enterprises:

The East Siders main income is from gambling (Easy City Downs is the largest gambling den in the Commonwealth) and producing alcohol, but they also have a hand in (or sponsor for a cut of the action) in more "traditional" Triggermen activities such as loan sharking, smuggling/fencing and protection rackets. They are known to hire out soldiers as bodyguards and general hired muscle, and are rumored to conduct the occasional contract killing. Savvier Raider Gangs often employ Triggermen as middlemen to deal with Wastelanders or protect associates of the gang that have contact with them....Wastelanders who want to conduct businesses with Raiders and need backup the Raiders will respect often do the same.


Small Arms and ammunition
crops (particularly Razorgrain, corn, and Mutfruit)
scrap (mainly wood, steel, copper, and glass such as empty bottles)
Some tech items such as robots and parts for them

Culture: The East Siders were formerly a Crew of the Triggermen, but still adhere to their customs and traditions. The East Side Gang models itself on the pre-war Irish Mob. Like other Triggerman splinter groups, ghouls are welcome in their ranks, where the elder of them, some Pre-War ghouls who were actually in the Mafia before the war, exert a considerable moderating influence on the human members. They are not Raiders and don't accost Wastelanders without a reason (being paid by someone to do it or provoked in some manner). Gang colors are a black bowler hat, normally worn with a clean suit and tie.

Government: As an Organized Crime Syndicate, the East Siders are run as an Autocracy. The leader, simply known as The Boss, is the final authority on all gang business. He rules for as long as he commands the support of the Gang. Under him, are the Lieutenants, who directly command the Crews that work the gang's various rackets. The senior Lieutenant is known as the Captain, who also serves as the second in command of the Gang. Upon the death or retirement of the Boss, his successor would be chosen by consensus of the active Lieutenants. In the case of a coup, the new Boss won't last long if he didn't already have the support of the others. Under the Lieutenants are everyone else. Full members are known as Soldiers, people who work for the Gang but are not formally in it are known as Associates.

Military: The Eastsiders do not have a formal standing Army, though the Captain's Crew, known as the 'Heavy Squad', is normally on hand for immediate deployment. When needed, however, the Boss can raise an impressive force as all soldiers, and those Associates that are deemed trustworthy, are well armed from gang stores and expected to be ready and willing to fight at a moment's notice....but at a price as those solders are not bringing in caps. In an extended war, they will call in favors from Raider Gangs they deal with, or hire small units of the Gunners, to supplement what soldiers they can spare.

History: The Triggermen, from which the East Side Gang came, had it's beginnings with criminals exiled from Diamond City and University Point. Banding together for protection, their ferocity in battle soon won them the grudging respect of the local Raider Gangs, who soon found the Triggermen's contacts inside the settlements to be invaluable in bartering for items they couldn't just take, as well as smuggling in chems and other contraband. In the grim early days of the Triggermen, desperately in need of every gun they could muster, they took the then controversial step of admitting ghouls. It wasn't long before the human members found that the benefits of their skills and experience, not to mention unique
abilities with ferals and immunity to radiation, far outweighed the negatives. The ghouls have a great influence on Triggermen gangs, quietly smoothing their rough edges by encouraging the human members to follow slightly idealized "Codes of Honor" to be like "real gangsters" while introducing them to increasing sophisticated schemes for making caps.

A series of Civil Wars fifteen years before over leadership of the gang caused the Triggermen to break up into a loose confederation of independent gangs, all identifying as Triggermen, but only paying lip service to the nominal leading "family", based out of Vault 114. The splinter gangs are still powerful enough that rivals are reluctant to cross them,
and risk re-uniting the gang against them....but they are watching carefully for a sign of weakness that would give them the opportunity to step in and seize control of some of the Triggermen's quite lucrative rackets. The ghouls, behind the scenes, are plotting to try to stabilize the situation by setting up a system along the lines of the pre-war Commission,
but this move is being resisted by some of the bosses, mainly Skinny Malone, who controls the old Triggermen HQ in Vault 114, still claims to be Boss of the Triggermen though his authority is scarcely acknowledged by most of the other Crews.

The East Side Gang is currently controlled by "Eager Ernie" O'Bannion. His Captain is his younger brother Dean. As the two are inseparably close, and Dean's skill with guns, and readiness to use them, is legendary amongst the Triggermen, the stable leadership has enabled the Eastsiders to prosper. Between Easy City Downs and their brewery and distillery, the Eastsiders are one of the wealthiest and most powerful of the Triggermen splinter groups. That, however, is a two edged sword. Their success has garnered much jealousy from the titular Triggermen Boss, Skinny Malone, who in Eager Ernest's view is plotting against them, and is certainly withholding support he feels entitled to. If the internal threat wasn't bad enough, The "Scorned" over in Libertalia is an ever-present threat. He was not at all pleased by their seizure of Nordhagen Beach...only the fact that the (former) settlers there had refused to pay him protection money prevented him from trying to expel them at the time. So far they seem to be avoiding any provocative moves, but he suspects that it is only a matter of time before they start to try to shake him down for "tribute", and asking Malone for help would likely cost him control of his own businesses. All he can do for now is carry on as usual and hope for the best, but unless something changes, he stands to lose everything.

The O'Neil Family- ZeuscannonMan92


Faction Name: The O'Neil Family

Location: Fort Hagen

Economy: Mostly the selling of pre-war military supplies. After everyone who participated gets their share the rest goes to The Council to purchase necessities such as food, water, whiskey, etc.

Culture: Family first, caps second, everything else last. Unless family is in danger in some way, money is the primary goal. While not isolationist, the O'Neils are generally apprehensions of outsiders.

Government: A form of Hereditary Oligarchy called The Council made up of all the family chiefs. When a branch of the family grows to large, the chroniclers appoint a chief of that branch (usually the one most closely related to the main branch). That Chieftainship then passes first through the children eldest to youngest, then through the siblings in the same way. If a chief dies without either one of these his chieftainship is terminated and his branch combined with a closely related one. Chiefs are considered lords of their branch and can only be superseded by The Council. The Council is made up of all the available chiefs and deliberate on important matters of the family, their word is absolute. All the chiefs have equal say on the council barring two exceptions: a chief has dishonored himself by disobeying the familial laws, but not so severely as to lose his chief status, his vote always counts less and the Patriarch, a direct descendent of the families progenitor, who's vote always counts for more.

Military: Well armed and provisioned, but not well manned. While a couple of well armed and provisioned troops can guard a perimeter or a caravan just fine (supplemented by mercenaries, to the great irritation of some members) they won't do so well in an actual battle due to low numbers and lack of group cohesiveness.

History: The O'Neils were rather poor Irish immigrants living in America in the latter days before the Great War. In a great stroke of luck, on some land they owned together the family struck oil. With the price being much higher during the Resource War the O'Neils made a killing. Wisely, the then Patriarch decided to use the fortune to build a bunker in case of total atomic annihilation and store the rest of the money inside. Decades after the bombs dropped, the family eventually migrated out into the wasteland, traded their dollars for caps, and settled down. They continued in relative wasteland luxury for many years, but their fortune began to dwindle. In a rash action to please the other chiefs, the Patriarch came up with a rash scheme. He decided to order occupation of local military installations, sell the munitions to raiders for cheap, and split the loot of the attacked settlements. Eventually the settlements caught on and ran the O'Neils out of town, they have been wandering ever since. Now, after long years of trying to locate a place far enough away from their past and populated enough to rebuild their fortune, they found it; the Commonwealth.

The Gunners- MrSmileySmile


The Gunners


The Gunners are headquartered in Gunners Plaza, well South of Downtown Boston, West of Quincy and East of the Glowing Sea. The Gunners did not become as big as they are by biding their time or keeping to themselves. They have major bases in Gunners Plaza, Quincy, the Mass Pike Interchange, the Mass Fusion Building, Hub City Auto Wreckers, and Vault 95. They refer to these major bases as strongholds and consider them permanent installations. The remaining locations are referred to as holdings and are considered less permanent.

Full List



Gunners Plaza


Mass Pike Interchange

Mass Fusion Building

Hub City Auto Wreckers

Vault 95


Mass Bay Medical Center

South Boston Military Checkpoint

Quincy Quarry

HalluciGen, Inc.

GreeneTech Genetics


The Gunners have historically provided for themselves by taking on mercenary work. This is still their bread and butter, although as the group has grown and assumed control of more territory they've taken to engaging in more trading. The Gunners are always looking to improve and expand their toy chest. Resources gathered from scavenging missions and the bodies of the fallen help them trade for what they want and what they need, should they not be able to collect those things from their latest victims.


The Gunners are fiercely individualistic. That is to say they are not the people to go to for a shoulder to cry on. Personal accountability is a big part of the culture, along with a notion that comes rather easily to many who have spent any appreciable length of time in the wasteland without a place to call home. Man is the most highly evolved of animals, but is still at heart an animal. This means many of the pressures society generally places on people don't really apply among the Gunners. Though they generally avoid slavery it is for tactical rather than ethical reasons. Chem use is discouraged, although not outlawed wholesale. Addiction is treated if the Gunner is receptive to it, but relapse or refusal is not tolerated. Whether this means demotion, exile, or death varies from case to case.

The Gunners are slow to offense but formidable when backed into a corner. Having seen much combat over the years they have learned to avoid open warfare until the moment of opportunity. While they may not particularly desire it they see the wisdom in tactical retreat. The wasteland is a dangerous place. There is no point in getting angry and charging in just because a raider took a pot shot or a bunch of mirelurks are crawling over those ruins they were looking to loot. It is better to run and to make note of it. One never knows when a few mirelurks might come in handy.

So long as you can follow orders and carry them out without hesitation or fear you can likely serve some role within the Gunners. That means; Ghouls can join though they rarely do, Raiders can and occasionally do join, and theoretically Super Mutants and Synths may be able to though they never have and would likely face restrictions. In general however, your ability and willingness to further the cause will determine how far through the ranks you are able to climb. The only snag in that regard is pregnancy. Gunner women are expected to raise their children, but are then exempt from serving in the military. To some this is a blessing to others a curse.


The government of the Gunners is based on Third Way Politics (Conservative Economic Policy, Liberal Social Policy). While the General has ultimate control he often delegates control of individual strongholds and holdings to the Captains stationed there. Assets are distributed first from the Captain and then to the Captains, who decide who is afforded what weapon or armor and how an individual Gunner is used.

Those Gunners who have attained high rank or respect garner supporters and make their case to the membership when a successor is needed. There is not yet a truly formalized way to pass leadership on. Thus there may one day be issues, should a group seek a coup or should the current leader die unexpectedly.


The vast majority of the Gunners do or did serve in its military. Those who are not active military are generally only traders employed by the Gunners, ex-military mothers who are raising children, or reserve military who are currently serving some other purpose for the military's benefit. Training is deliberately harrowing. While at later ranks member of the Gunners can get access to some enviable equipment many will spend the bulk, if not the majority, of their time with relatively basic equipment. Therefore, a Gunner needs to be able to use such basic equipment to great effect. How well a Recruit does during this training will determine where and how he starts in full fledged service to the Gunners.

If a Recruit is simply inept he may not make it through basic training, either being forced to repeat it or losing his life in the attempt. Most will begin as Privates, although those who prove particularly suited to certain weapons and roles may be promoted immediately to Specialist or even Sergeant.

The Gunners put a lot of their assets into the development and expansion of their military. By design those who are most effective on the battlefield are granted access to progressively more impressive weaponry and armor. The Gunners possess both on almost every tier, although as the equipment becomes more advanced it is seen less and less often. While the Gunners possess an undefined number of Vertibirds they are rarely seen in use. When seen they tend to stick to South Boston, never venturing into the Downtown area itself.

The Gunners are currently primarily focused around defense, reconnaissance, and scavenging, rather than conquest. The bulk of their forces are split up between their strongholds and holdings, which means that while it would be difficult for them to gather their entire force for a single attack should such a thing be necessary they would converge on the battlefield from many directions. This can be either an advantage or disadvantage.

The formal ranks within the Gunners are as follows:


Recruit – Prospective Gunners

Private (PVT) – Entry Level Gunners

Specialist (SPC) – Gunners who have proven themselves particularly apt

Sergeant (SGT) – Highest Rank in Action

Captain (CPT) – Highest Rank in Given Stronghold or Holding

Brigadier General – Established Successor picked from Captains

General – The Buck Stops Here

Equipment Availability:



Ballistic Weaponry and Grenades – Recruits and Above

Laser Weaponry – Privates and Above

Mini-Guns, Flamers, and Rocket Launchers – Specialists and Above

Fat Man and Plasma Weapons – Captains and Above

Laser Mini-Guns, Plasma Casters, Gauss Rifles – Rare, but Brigadier General and Above if that

Armor and Attire:

Gunner/Military Clothing and Leather Armor – Recruits and Above

Metal Armor and Combat Armor – Privates and Above

Sturdy and Heavy Combat Armor – Sergeants and Above

Power Armor – Captains and Above



Ronto- Magnus the Red


Faction Name: New England Exploratory Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Imperial Kingdom of Ronto. Faction referred to as "Ronto". Personnel referred to as the "Redcoats" or "Lobsters" for short.

Flag: http://i.imgur.com/TiRjr8I.png

Location: USAF Satellite Station Olivia(Main HQ) now christened "Fort Wolfe", Robotics Disposal Ground and Thicket Excavations.

Population: 400 in total - 350 Soldiers, the entirety of the 3rd Battalion and 50 New England Trading Company Employees, split into the ten clerks at "Fort Wolfe" in charge of the company operations in the region, the two ten man caravan teams and the rest are those who have signed up to be indepedent representatives of the company throughout the commonwealth. The roving Traders will likely be the first Rontonians that are met by the citizenry of the Commonwealth at large.

Economy (exports and imports etc.): The only economy is the New England Trading Company, which is a frontier trading company, seeking to export luxury goods and whatnot in exchange for new raw materials(Think the Hudson's Bay Company in its early days). Rontonian Dollars are the currency among the men, though will be worthless to the native commonwealth citizens and so, a large stock of pre-war bottlecaps have been brought along.

Culture: Martial, the Battalion is a military force, as such, all personnel are expected to act and acquit themselves with discipline and honour both on and off the clock. The men themselves though are rough and ready, veterans of the Quebec Campaigns.

The only civilians among the Battalion are the few traders willing to risk their lives in the pursuit of riches, even they though are kept on a leash by the Commanding officers of the Battalion.

Government: Stratocracy, the government among the "Redcoats" in the Commonwealth is highly military, telegraphs from Montreal might be wired to the front now and then giving new orders from the main government, but these are far and few between, the main mission is not to conquer, but rather, to scout the region, establish trading links and if possible, mark out possible allies or potential client states.

Of note are the members of the Hon. New England Trading Company RC(Royal Charter), more commonly known as the New England Trading Company. They will be the more visible face of Ronto, brave employees scouring the wasteland for trade links to establish between the natives and the Trading post at the USAF Satellite Station Olivia. Here is a Corporatocracy solely focused on making riches as best as possible without losing the support of the Battalion, or angering the natives.


350 men - Three Rifle Companies and Two Support Companies and a Reconnaisance Platoon.

The Military is the overwhelming bulk of the "Redcoats". Each soldier is equipped with a semi-automatic R91 Assault Rifle, Bayonet, three fragmentation grenades and a 10mm pistol. Some soldiers exchange their rifles for 10mm submachine guns, combat shotguns and scoped hunting rifles, and here and there are some M60's for squad support and finally a few mortars. Offense however, is not the point of this expedtion, it is exploration and as such strict orders have been ordered for soldiers to avoid combat and hostility with the native populace wherever possible, but be prepared to defend themselves from attack.

On the matter of http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/d/d0/Praetorian_sgt_by_diegogisbertllorens.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140619031051, the soldiers wear black combat boots, along with black trousers with simple double lined red stripes on the outside of the leg, and a single briasted red tunic. For Armour, soldiers wear combat armour shinguards and a carapace, back and front, along with shoulder pauldrons. The combat armour is in a khaki colouring. The most prominent feature of the "Redcoats" however, is not all this despite their cognomen being derived from this, but rather their https://thegothamrogue.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/star-lord-2.jpg.

Painted black and steel grey and with glowing red eyes when night vision is activated, they can be psychologically intimidating and are useful owing to their uses as suitable head protection, allowing for constant radio contact, night-vision and most importantly, in-built respirators, enabling the helmet to function as a gas mask, radio unit, night vision goggles and combat helmet all rolled into one.

The regimental symbol is a Crossed Axe and Telescope in brass on a silver star. This is shown on the helmet and the right hand shoulder pauldron.

History: The history of Ronto stretches back for a century, but the history of the Battalion is confined to more recent events. Following the end of a successful annexation of the militant Quebec Confederation, and then the suppresion of the February 2295 Rebellion, an expedtionary regiment was formed to scout the region of New England and so secure trade links and a potential future ally to help ensure the safety of the newly established border until such a time as a complete establishment of Crown rule can be established in Quebec.

So it has come to pass that the 3rd Battalion has reached the outer reaches of Boston, their designated target, and so, have established an outpost in this desperate land and are seeking to uncover what they can from this region.

The Valence Wanderer- Robco Protectron


Name: The Valence Wanderer

Appearance: Looks like https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/549480382417342464/PzIABP6t_400x400.jpeg but with 200 years of wear and jury rigged repairs

Location: Varies, begins docked around north Boston

Brief History: Before the Great War, the Valence was the private yacht of one of America’s many rich and corrupt politicians. Luxurious and advanced (with an atomic engine) its pre-war owner would have never guessed that the vessel would be hauling mutated fruit up and down the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. But such became its fate after an ambitious trader and sea captain named Nadine salvaged her from the ruins of Martha’s Vineyard. While to any outsider it may seem like a captain’s dream, Nadine preferred her older and far more reliable vessel, the Duchess Gambit. The Valence runs on expensive fusion cores and has complex parts constantly in need of repair. Plus, it lacks the history the old Gambit had with Nadine, which partially explains its appearance in the Commonwealth.


http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Nadine- Once a na?ve young girl in search of adventure, Nadine has grown into a worldly traveler of post apocalyptia as she hauls scrap, Punga fruit, and the occasional passenger up and down the coast. Eccentric and fearless, her bravery nearly got the best of her after a tussle with raiders led to her losing a ship (the Duchess Gambit) and nearly her life. An eye patch and peg leg (below the knee) serve as grim reminders of the fateful encounter. With the help of a notable passenger, she arrives in Boston with the hopes of retrieving her lost vessel.

Ivan- An old Russian ghoul Nadine met up in Scotia with a mysterious past. Somehow knows a lot about repairing complicated pre-war machinery and is thus the only thing keeping the Valence from erupting into a mushroom cloud and a tidal wave.

http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Point_Lookout_tribals (Archie, Dove, and Cal Jr.)- Former cultists from the swamps of Maryland, Nadine took them under her wing after the loss of their leader led to their tribe falling into anarchy. Offering manpower and some muscle, Nadine never regrets her decision taking them aboard, though their constant talk of the “Great Brain in the Sky” gets pretty old.


http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Harkness (formerly A3-21)- Former security chief of Rivet City, Harkness comes to the Commonwealth for answers. Finding his purpose meaningless after the Brotherhood took over Rivet City with the rest of D.C., Harkness seeks to reconcile the split identity that was revealed to him nearly a decade ago and to remedy a mistake he made in that confusing moment of unveiling: allowing that b****** Zimmer to leave Rivet City unscathed.

http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Private_Jones: A crusty Mr. Gutsy serving as a body guard for Harkness. While technically property of Rivet City, he seemed eager to follow his boss on the journey north. For perhaps some personal reason Harkness felt the machine’s desire trumped any property rights the City may have had.

Children of Atom- wampower


Faction Name: Children of The Atom

Location: Crater of Atom(Crater at the center of the Glowing Sea), Kingsport Lighthouse, various other places where radiation is rampant, and a few relatively safe outposts where they interact and trade with outsiders.

Economy (exports and imports etc.): Exports: They have various products they like to call "Gifts of Atom", which are useful products developed from irradiated and nuclear stuff. They trade and sell these in hopes of "spreading the glow" and "making Atom's gifts to Earth useful to all", but realistically they provide a strong economic stimulus to the religion. They bring materials from the Glowing Sea on strange irradiated Brahmin.
-"Flecks of Glow": Irradiated Material(like the crafting ingredient in game)

-"Unifying Glow": a kind of extra strong gooey green adhesive that is radioactive and hot when melted, but becomes more(not completely) safe after drying. Although it is favored for Industrial purposes and requires some careful handling, it is a grade above regular adhesive.

-"Relics of Glow": Pre-War stuff involving nuclear materials. They generally worship and protect the most powerful "artifacts" they find, but wastelanders can buy anything from nuclear microscopes and alarm clocks to partially depleted fusion cores.

-"Glowing Salves": Various medicines that use radiation.

-Any useful bits of irradiated animals that are left over after they get what they need. They have hunters who hunt down the "beasts Atom created to try us and give us sustenance".

-Any salvage they don't need they find in the Glowing Sea or elsewhere. These can range from insanely valuable equipment to ammo to various knick-knacks.

-Some crops. Mostly Tato, Razorgrain, and Mutfruit. They make this into a mash for common food.

-Especially irradiated objects if anyone is willing to trade and transport them.

-Ammunition and weapons for those who are converted to their ranks, but not high enough rank to wield the holy instruments known as Gamma Guns to outsiders.

Culture: The Children of The Atom believe that the nuclear fire of the Great War was a holy and constructive event called the "Great Divide". This is because in their eyes every atomic mass contains a universe, so every source of nuclear fission and radiation is considered holy and constructive. Radiation is known as "The Glow", and connects people to their god Atom, while also spreading his influence and creation of life.

They have grown hierarchical, with trials of "Englowment"(spending an extended amount of time with radiation) being the primary method of rising up. One not so terrible trial is full entrance to the organization as a New Born. One stronger trial will let you be a Born. The third and severe one is the entrance into Priesthood and the award of a "Holy Instrument"(Gamma Gun) and robes instead of leather armor. They tend to discourage so many Born becoming Priests, so they keep a strong secular caste that can trade and relate with outsiders more.

Government: In the tradition of Cromwell and Maya, a married couple of the most holy of them(Had the most service and trials of Englowment) is chosen by a council of the other most holy Brothers and Sisters. The ones elected become Mother and Father of the Children of The Atom, and have almost full reign over the organization. They are unusually serene and not tyrannical to keep the Council from beating them out and to live up to ideal. The current Mother's husband died in the journey to Glowing Sea.

Those Englowed enough can join the Council and it's bureaucracy of Brothers and Sisters, who carry out the more casual functions of the organization like trading, preaching, leading outposts, and gathering money.

Military: To enter priesthood is to train relentlessly with a Gamma Gun. All members of the priesthood can become holy soldiers, but some dedicate themselves to military purposes and become "Hospitallers", which have their own mini hierarchy. They make up the military elite generally, and fight ferociously armored only with weaved robes and bits of leather.

Below them are the ranks of Newborn and Born, who are not much more skilled then raiders(some actually were raiders), and use an assortment of leather armor, hunting rifles, and pipe guns. Some are skilled enough to hunt the monsters of the Glowing Sea for prestige and meat though.

Regardless of the fancy organization, their military tends to be short on numbers from the overall priestly organization of the Children of The Atom, and slow population growth. But they are deceptively prepared for combat, since even a lowly preacher is trained with one of the most powerful weapons in the Commonwealth

The Children of the Atom were founded in the Capital Wasteland in D.C. In a date unknown, before the town of Megaton stood around them. At first they were a few settlers who were searching for greener pastures, but they found a different kind of green. A strange device, emanating some kind of energy. They didn't know then it was an un detonated atomic bomb. They just saw a strangely beautiful artifact seething what they would come to call and worship "The Glow".

As their numbers grew from wanderers and survivors, they eventually realized what it was. They didn't turn away from their faith, however, and they began to create a scripture and dogma. They've written out how a holy god known as "Atom" caused the "First Great Divide", known as the Great War to most wastelanders, creating trillions of universes with each atomic mass split. Atom spread the Glow during this event to allow his work to continue on Earth when he left. Instead of shooting ghouls on sight like many would in those days, they considered them blessed by Atom to be the most rightfully assigned to continue the task of spreading the Glow. Of course they began to have a high mortality rate from the radiation, but they began to justify death in service of Atom as righteous since millions of universes would be created with their death.

Eventually they helped a bigger group of settlers build Megaton around the bomb, and things continued uneventfully and relatively peacefully for years, with Confessor Cromwell and his wife Mother Maya in the lead. In 2277 after the Enclave was defeated, however, tensions began to mount when an ex member took a whole shipment of Megaton's Aqua Pura, and began irradiating it and redistributing it as "Holy Water" in order to spread the Glow. The Lone Wanderer dealt with her, but the Children of the Atom didn't make any statement against the radical's acts. Suspicions, once created, were hard to put down, and Megaton began to split into two groups: one who thought the Children should be able to stay, and one who thought they should forced to leave. The especially angry managed to convince the Brotherhood that the Children of The Atom needed to go.

When word came to the Children of The Atom that squad of Knights was on it's way to push them out, Confessor Cromwell summoned his followers to the ultimate task: a migration north with the bomb. To him, the sacred relic had to be preserved from the Brotherhood, but he would stay behind to protect the holy waters he had preached over his whole life. Mother Maya rounded up enough sympathetic locals to help them, and they secured a Brahmin cart big enough to carry what remained of the bomb. Their diaspora was successful enough. The bomb was lugged out of the Capital Wasteland, but the cart broke down and the bomb broke near another small town. Meanwhile, a few stragglers came with news Mother Maya already felt. Cromwell had been killed by the Brotherhood. He was now their new martyr.

They quickly spread their influence through the town, a little more forceful since the calamity before exposed the need to protect themselves. They managed to find someone who passed for some sort of scientist to engineer weapons for them. Mother Maya ordered new holy weapons to protect themselves with and spread the glow, as death to enemies should come with the spread of life. Thus, the Gamma Guns were born from the wreck of the atom bomb. They were a new holy instrument for a new age of evangelism.

They kept going North, gaining numbers, enhancing their skills. Early in 2287, they heard of a holy place known as the Glowing Sea, and immediately set out to move into it. It was a trial for them, but their most holy eventually staked out a place at the center of Sea. Many others came through the eastern boundary of Sea and moved north into the Commonwealth.

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Sheets Continued Pt 2:

The Regulators- Yes Man FTW


Faction Name: The Regulators

Location: The Castle and its surrounding area is under the protection of the Regulators

Economy: Capitalist

Exports: Guns (taken off of raiders and other criminal degenerates), fishing, contract killing of known criminals, etc.

Imports: Anything it’s decided they “need” at the time, this is managed by the Inner Circle.

Culture: The Regulators are a mercenary army that works to undo injustice in the Commonwealth, they are extremely vigilant against one thing: criminals. Highwaymen are killed without hesitation. The Regulators continue where the Minutemen left off, they are the people’s army, even if their methods aren’t exactly civilized. Violent criminals are killed on the spot. Pickpockets and thieves receive the same treatment. Drugs and minor offenses are not worthy of violence, but are confiscated. This had led to some allegations of the Regulators simply confiscating chems for their own enjoyment.

Government: There are three tiers to the Chain of Command of the Regulators

General: Ian Velan (Elected by Council in the event of his death)

Inner Circle: Five Guardians that have proven themselves to be worthy of leadership, they function as advisors and will occasionally function as diplomats

Delegates: Local leaders that pass along information to the Inner Circle, often made up of Captains

Military: The Regulators are predominantly a police force, but function militaristically against large groups of them.

General: Same as above

Guardians: The Bodyguards assigned to the General, they wear http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Riot_gear looted from abandoned military bases between the Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth. They wield higher quality weapons based on their strengths, (for example while one might wield a modified hunting rifle, the other might wield a railway rifle, or a modified laser scattergun. They vary from person to person.)

Captains: Leaders of groups of Regulators, they have whatever they used to earn this distinction as a Regulator, but have adopted a http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Colonial_duster to show a distinction between them and their subordinates.

Regulator: Everyone else in the Regulators function as a police force, they are equipped with their weapons of the trade, these range from simple pipe rifles to nicer weaponry like a combat shotgun.

History: The Regulators arrived in the Commonwealth in 2286, they had fled the Capital Wasteland after groups of raiders routed them from their old headquarters. Sonora Cruz guided them to the Commonwealth, only to be killed when trying to get the fractured Minutemen to join their ranks. Ian Velan unofficially took command soon after and led the Regulators to the Castle. After their arrival, Ian was formally decided to lead, he restructured the Regulators into a more militaristic force. Within the last year, they have made the Castle a heavily fortified structure, and have begun cutting down on criminal activity in their sphere of influence. Raiders, highwaymen, pickpockets, etc. have been wiped out within their area, and Ian Velan has shown the effectiveness of “cruelty against an already cruel enemy.”

(Regulator Character) Ian Velan


Name: Ian Velan

Age: Early 30’s

Gender: Male

Race: White Human Male

Faction: Regulators

Rank: Inquisitor

Height: 6ft

Weight/Build: Skinny and not overly muscular

Appearance: Ian has


Armor: He wears the http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Minutemen_general


Primary: He uses a Brush Gun that is engraved with the quote “Let the lord judge the criminals” on the stock

Secondary: He uses a Laser Musket that has been heavily modified to function as a Blunderbuss, effective range: 10m

Concealed: A 10mm Pistol and its silencer are disassembled for concealment purposes in case of emergency or capture

Melee: Serrated Chinese Officer Sword

Miscellaneous Items: A pack of “Red Apple” cigarettes and a silver etched lighter

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Would anyone have a problem with the Scorned interacting with Captain Ironsides and the USS Constitution and whatnot? I promise no flying ships, but perhaps a return to the sea?

Its a kinda wacky thing in the game and I wanted to give it a different tone. But wanted to see if anyone was really against it and would rather not

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Wouldn't the Scorned be considered raiders?? Of course Ironsides doesn't like firing on Americans raiders or not. So I suppose as long as he doesn't join your fraction as that would go against his ideals I'm okay with that. Might be fun seeing them patrol the seas blowing up mutants and hostile wildlife.

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Worse. Pirates.

Good Captain Ironsides has naught but cold steel and shot for those scallywags. :slap:

Personally I don't mind but it depends on the interaction. I think, like Vatrou said, it probably wouldn't make sense if Ironsides and his crew somehow joined with The Scorned. But if they're just going afloat that seems fine.

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Yeah they wouldn't join up together, Scorned aren't fans of robots. They are really superstitious and believe machines are conduits for bad energy.

I was thinking have Ironsides be more unforgiving and have a small cult around the ship. They would worship the captain in a way, seeing him as an embodiment of an ancient and lost world. He would see them as fresh recruits to his crew but to them he would be more than a commanding officer. Acting as his soldiers they would be skirmishing with the scavengers and working on pulling the ship to the Atlantic ocean.

Edit: This is just an idea i'm playing around with, I have nothing set in stone about doing anything quite yet. I want to at least finish the war with Olney before I do anything else large. So if anyone has plans for Ironsides and the ship that will happen sooner, go for it.

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Post » Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:39 am

So Ironsides is a harsh captain? Not sure I like the sound of that. :(

He's goofy and ridiculous(of course). But for the most part: noble, in his own senile robotic way.

I guess I could see it though if perhaps a mischievous scavenger with a pip-boy had hacked him and altered his programming in some manner. Perhaps increasing his aggression or something. I think something like that would have to be given to explain his change in demeanor.

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Well harsh towards commies and malcontents. I think I remember reading something on the wiki that Ironsides avoids violence whenever possible has a lot of empathy for others. I figure that this humorously contrasts with his desire to protect the ship at all costs and mount a counter attack on China.

I was thinking that over the years the robots presence on the ship attracted wastelanders, usually the unhinged, to camp out in its shadow. The robots were friendly and kept away any mutants and raiders and so the people began to idolize and play along a bit. Cobbling together makeshift uniforms and armor and working towards Captain Ironsides goal of reaching the Atlantic.

Then in a scavenger raid a few people are killed and maybe a pulse grenade is used on the captain. It doesn't defeat him but screws up his programming a bit, he still cares dearly for his own but also wishes to defeat his enemies.

But its just an idea I was poking around with, just wanted to ask to see what ya'll opinions were on the matter before I gave any more thought towards it.

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I'm a little worried that with Virgil dead, The Institute may be a little too powerful. Virgil was really the only man on the outside who knew how to get into the Institute, and with him dead, how are the other factions supposed to have any recourse at all?

I know it's already written, but I think this is a very significant concern that everyone has just kind of brushed over. The Institute was powerful before, but now they're seemingly invincible.
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I was really just following up with a "what-if" scenario with Virgil's death. Basically without the SS, Kellogg has no distractions or reason to flee to Fort Hagen, so he hunts Virgil. Plus I thought it would be a nice way to get him into the RP (and despite him being an utter bastard, I definitely think he's one of my favorite characters in Fallout 4). :evil:

But I don't think much has changed personally. The SS only finds out about Virgil, and where he is, through Kellogg's memories. Otherwise he would have never known about him.

Keep in mind The Brotherhood still has Liberty Prime (along with all its other high-tech goodies). The Brotherhood is The Institute's counter-weight and vice-versa. Something myself and Ranger agreed upon before the RP started. Ultimately though, I've been purposefully trying to keep The Institute's presence on the surface minimal for this reason, and only interacting with factions (with Synths etc.) if people agree to it. The recent power-cut to Diamond City and the Scientist-recruitment, for instance, were done with VATROU's permission. Certainly wouldn't have done it otherwise.

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Well what I like about this RP that others didn't have was that there are factions here that are more powerful than others. I think it makes for interesting writing and narratives, especially with the coming Brotherhood and Institute war.

But the Institute I believe is far from invincible, while they are in a more favorable position than most they aren't immune to problems. After all almost every faction hates or has a distrust of the Institute, limiting their options for allies and trades. Also with the way the RPs are kinda done, I'm sure Andro will keep them from being OP, he has RPed as powerful factions in the past without abusing them.

What? Did it not get blown up by the Enclave?

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Yeah I mean, this RP is a story first and foremost. Ultimately I'm not going to fight or do anything to anyone's faction unless we come to an mutual agreement of how it would play out. So in that sense, The Institute is limited by the same rules as everyone else. :)

I probably should have spoiler-tagged that. :ermm:

To make a long story short, they rebuild it. Or try to rebuild it, depending on perspective.

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Yeah, and if we wanted we could always say Mary the Synth somehow remembered the teleportation, or just create another escaped scientist.
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It's a Ghost here to haunt them oooohh.. Nah It was rebuilt.

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I really should play Fallout 4 im in the dark :sadvaultboy:

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I agree that not all factions should be on equal footing, and I didn't mean to imply that. I was just expressing a little concern here. Thanks for hearing me.
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Anyone opposed to the Valence Wanderer being docked at the dock right by the Mass Bay Medical Center?

Edit: Oh and also, how exactly do we handle synth memories? I was a little confused in the game why the Railroad didn't know more considering they've handled so many androids that have escaped. I've written Harkness to have "firewalls" to prevent him from knowing too much (not that it would matter, I think he left before teleportation was a thing). That's the only explanation I could think of.

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Sounds fine to me.

As a side note, the Vault has a pretty good interactive Fallout 4 map if anyone is looking for one to help plan things out: http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Fallout_4_map

Along with some separate maps just for Boston: http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Boston_map

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Sorry for the absence everyone, been real busy with getting college stuff all figured out. Expect a Forged post within the next day or so.

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Yeah dont hesitate to state your concerns, want to make sure that everyone is okay with how things are playing out

No worries, that'll be me next week

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The thing with the Institute too is that they're probably the only serious force in the wasteland with only one base of operations. Everyone else is fairly mobile while relocation would be a pretty massive undertaking.

Granted teleportation means they have great reach and can move significant numbers rapidly, but if they lost The Institute it would be a massive setback. So so long as teleportation doesn't become a cure all they've still got a significant weakness. If the location of their base ever got out there are an awful lot of people who would want it razed.
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Its not just a setback really, they're pretty much all dead at that point. It would be a fatal blow.

Without The Institute itself, they haven't got a chance of surviving up top. Which is why Father (and everyone really) is so paranoid about keeping their hidey-hole safe from the savage surface-dwellers.

That seems to be basically what it is. Nick states IIRC that there are security measures in-place preventing him from remembering anything about The Institute.

Edit: Although I actually think in F3 it was stated that Harkness had his memories wiped and replaced by Pinkerton.

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Yeah Pinkerton wiped his memory and replaced them. I'm playing with the assumption that the Lone Wanderer https://youtu.be/zxvJvtQnGRs?t=349 (at least some of them). Just mentioned the Railroad as in game evidence that the synths obviously don't know much. Valentine is a better example as he explicitly says it.

Speaking of getting in and out of the Institute, does Kellogg have a courser chip? The teleportation thing always confused me. Can the Institute relay anyone or do they have to latch on to the chip. I thought the latter, but Father at one point relays out and such, which makes me wonder what the point of the chip is.

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Ah gotcha, I forgot that was an option.

Regarding the chip: honestly I'm not sure. The Institute can relay in or out whoever they choose though it seems. Since, like you said, Father does it and they also zap T.S. Wallace out of his home (and he definitely didn't have a chip). So yeah, its kind of left unexplained.

I've just been sort of side-stepping it myself.

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