Unofficial Doctor Who Thread

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I thought so too, until I discovered that literally her entire life was defined by the Doctor and everything that made her admirable resulted from her obsession with him. I expected something different from this relationship when we first met River.
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I suppose in a way that's the 11th Doctor's characterisation. A sort of fairytale being who falls out of the sky.

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I think my favorite Doctor or Doctors are:

1: Peter Capaldi.

2: David Tennant.

3: Sylvester McCoy.

4: Tom Baker.

Least favorite:

Matt Smith...I simply couldn't get into his character.

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If you want a list:












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This! I'd been really into NuWho and a bit of the old stuff, I absolutely loved Moffat's first series with Matt Smith and he was my favorite episode writer up to that point. Then, it's like he somehow forgot how to write... All sense of pacing and suspense had been forgotten and the show was suddenly just constant spectacle and breathless action. I still followed it through series 7 but I haven't watched since. I'll take another peak when Moffat leaves but my lack of interest might also just be because of changing tastes.

9 is my favorite, though. :)

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I've only ever watched the really old reruns on PBS decades ago and never got invested into the Whovian universe, but the Daleks have the right idea....EXTERMINATE!

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