The Hero of Kvatch vs Dragonborn

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Nerevarine vs Whoever needs a new thread apparently. lol
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Felix Walde
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Nope. svcked eggs. It's worse than Dwarven.
and to think all u get for saving the world is a piece of crap
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I almost died laughing. I thought you were serious when I first read it. Then logic prevailed.
I was 16 when I first played oblivion and it was the best video game. I have 3233 saves and still play it, I'd say monthly, today. Laugh all you want but thank you Bethesda. It's still f****** awesome
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Tessa Mullins
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im not arguing with you no where in my post did I say the dragonborn would win because of shouts strictly speaking of elderscrolls no fallout because I realise that a rifle/nuke will beat a sword anyday the point is you cant argue game mechanics for in this case 3 different games I also said that if this is post shivering isles that the dragonborn would get his ass kicked , pre shivering isles its diffrent at that point CoC isnt immortal and it would be a better fight now if we are going to bring the nerevarine killed 2 gods and CoC daedric prince or not is in trouble

People will look at it game-wise and lore-wise. While I can see the reason for both, I generally avoid lore-wise because then we're doing "win-by-proxy," which isn't definitive at all and leans towards speculation; game-wise, you just compare the mechanics and capabilities of a best-case scenario for each, and usually you can see who would win. I mean for example just because you beat Hircine doesn't mean you can beat the Champion of Cyrodiil. Those are two completely different opponents who have completely different strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, generally the lore is properly encompassed in the games. CoC being Sheogorath? From game evidence we can assume he's incredibly difficult to injure or stagger OR he can make himself fully immune to damage, which is redundant because he could already do that as a human.
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^~LIL B0NE5~^
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thanks for the correction couldnt remember if he got vivec or not

No, lorewise/canon, he didn't. Which turned out to be a mistake, considering the crap that Vivec pulled on Azura during his Trial. Vivec turned out to be just as [censored] up and twisted as Dagoth Ur.
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Lizbeth Ruiz
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im going to play skyrim and see if i can kill sheo. that should answer the question. lol jk. but im really going to play skyrim too much talking about its making me want to play it. CoC all the way lol. lets continue this after all the DLC for skyrim is out. so, ill see ya late next year lol oh and neverine would win he has levitation. hell jus rise high into the sky and would only have to deal wit dovakins dragon while everyone else try to hit him wit arrows and magic lol
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Petr Jordy Zugar
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Dragonborn wins.
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Calum Campbell
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This topic is pointless. The Champion of Cyrodiil drowned while looking for Fin Gleam.
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Daddy Cool!
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It'd depend on how you do the comparison;

Game-wise, the CoC would probably win as the mechanics in Skyrim a little more restrictive than they were in Oblivion. But if you can put them on an even footing where the mechanics of Oblivion (enchantments etc) would normally give advantage then I'd put my money on the Dovakhiin.

From a lore perspective, my money goes to the Dovakhiin again. He is literally the only person capable of defeating Alduin, I'd wager the CoC as Sheogorath couldn't hope to achieve that (unless the fight took place in the Shivering Isles, but why would Alduin go there?). In game, shouts are fairly average (I like them) but that is for balance reasons largely. If the lore regarding shouts isn't exaggerated, then Dovakhiin isn't going to have too many problems 1v1 versus any mortal.

The Nerevarine killed 2 Gods (Dagoth-Ur and Almalexia) as well as defeated the Daedric Prince, Hircine. Although, seeing as how evil Vivec turned out to be after the Nerevarine Prophecy came true, i wish we did kill Vivec as canon.

As much as I love Morrowind and the Nerevarine, neither Dagoth-Ur or Almalexia were gods, really. :ahhh:
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KRistina Karlsson
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Uh, Sheogorath could turn the Dragonborn into a pumpkin.
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josh evans
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Even then he still has his staff and he could just freeze the dragonborn and stab him...or turn him into a sweetroll.

But it's just as likely to turn him invisible and makes him a death machine.
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Janette Segura
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CoC wins.
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Nobody? Really?

Ok I'll bite:

Shouts svck.

Seriously, this is the most overrated excuse for a Dragonborn victory in every match-up. You guys NEVER justify this claim, you just say it in the same fashion a little kid playing Rock-Paper-Scissors screams "METEOR!!!" and then claims he won.

"Who would win in a fight between Dovahkiin and Courier Six?"
We just had that thread. Everyone's response? "Dovahkiin cuz shouts."

But there is the Oblivion equivalent of meteor! :D "Bam, Champion of Cyrodiil wins because Sheogorath, that's why." And yes, Shivering Isles is canon; it's as canon as you can get without flat-out saying it in a press release.
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Dan Wright
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CoC became sheogorath. Now, Alduin is tough and all, but he isn't a daedra.
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First off, let's stick to The Elder Scrolls. Granted, this is mainly because I have absolutely no idea who The Courier and Lone Wanderer are.

Ok, let's look at the CoC damaging the Dragonborn then. The Dragonborn is dressed in his legendary dragonbone armor, enchanted with resist magic to the 80% cap and also reduce the cost of Restoration spells by 100%. He's also at level 81, and has invested each level up into health.

The CoC hits the Dragonborn with a sword. The dragonborn's armor takes most of it, and his high health is hardly damaged. Even if he does take significant damage, his 0-cost restoration spells quickly recover his health. Or he could use Become Ethere, another powerful shout, to become totally immune to damage.

CoC fires a spell at the Dragonborn. 80% resist magic takes care of that. An arrow? Restoration or become ethereal. Dragonborn could use the sneak perk that causes an enemy to stop combat for a moment when sneak is entered. Dragonborn turns invisible, sneaks away. Uses throw voice, another good shout, to distract CoC. Calls Dragon - while the dragon can't harm CoC, it can distract him. Plus the dragon can die, as he's essential.

A well-aimed sneak attack and the CoC takes significant damage. Could probably throw a paralysis poison on that arrow too.

Perhaps we should say the battle will never be won?
I'd pay good money to see this fight happen in mod form. Doubt that would do it justice but still.
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Guinevere Wood
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I'd say the Hero would win over the Dragonborn, mostly because in Oblivion, you could still make pretty dang powerful spells while in Skyrim, you have to earn them and they're still not as powerful as the ones from older Elder Scrolls games.
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Matthew Barrows
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CoC became sheogorath. Now, Alduin is tough and all, but he isn't a daedra.

No, he's just the first-born of Akatosh. Y'know, the Dragon God of Time.
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Sophie Miller
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No, he's just the first-born of Akatosh. Y'know, the Dragon God of Time.

Doesn't much matter. He isn't a god. Sheogorath is.
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michael danso
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marked for death, that is all.
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Nick Pryce
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Who do you think would win in a battle to the death The Hero of Kvatch of the Deagonborn

Depends, if it's a end game Champion of Cyrodiil his experience would give him a serious advantage plus all the relics and weapons and armor he gets really give him that bonus. But that Dragon Born has the innate ability to use his Thu'um, so just depends on if he could land that Unrelenting Force, or if he weakened him, there's not to much you can do against that. No shouts, I give it to the Champion of Cyrodiil, otherwise our little Dragon Born is a crazy son of a b****.

Doesn't much matter. He isn't a god. Sheogorath is.

But remember, Alduin made Mehrunes Dagon how he is now, he ate him when he was a low spirit, so he could very well be stronger than most Daedra, Alduin has been eating worlds for a long time. And gods if you think about it.
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Matt Terry
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No, he's just the first-born of Akatosh. Y'know, the Dragon God of Time.
"God" used loosely. Aedra can be killed, Daedra cannot.
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josie treuberg
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Sheogorath isn't a god - he's a Daedric prince. Gods are Aedric, and participated in the creation of Mundus.

As for the fact that Aedra can die: they're still very, very powerful. Take the Oblivion Crisis for example: Mehrunes Dagon appeared in his full power, the barriers between Oblivion and Nirn having been shattered. Yet Akatosh, acting through a mortal and not using his full power, was easily able to defeat Dagon. Implying that Aedra have quite a bit more power.
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Naazhe Perezz
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Most shouts aren't that impressive anyway, CoC could do pretty well.
Fire breath? Fire spell.
Marked for Death? Disintegrate Armor.
Become Ethereal? Enchantments with 100% reflect damage and resist magic. Possibly boots of Springheel Jack.
Aura Whisper? Detect Life.
Clear Skies? Screw that.
Whirlwind Sprint? Fortify Speed and/or Athletics.
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Syaza Ramali
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Oblivion Gates or Dragons? Hero of Kvatch is tougher
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No match, Dragonborn.
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